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When you think about business signs or storefront signs, you’re usually thinking about channel letter signs. Channel letter signs are 3-dimensional signs that display a business, church, or school’s name and logo. Located on the building’s exterior, channel letter signs are usually illuminated to be visible at night, and they are built to last.

The cost of channel letter signs (and the lead time) usually directly relates to the size of the letters. Each individual character (and usually the logo of the business) is usually a separate piece, but they’re all wired together to create a uniform, professional, and attractive sign.

Legacy Signs is a popular and experienced channel letter sign manufacturer located in Fort Worth, TX. We aim to provide high-quality and budget-friendly channel letter signage to our customers. We have been in business for several years and have a highly talented in-house team of designers. Our team has designed thousands of channel letter signs for a variety of businesses in Fort Worth

And we are proud to report that our customers have nothing but good things to say about us. We custom fabricate channel letter signs in a wide range of colors and styles. We’ll work with you to create a sign that portrays your business however you’d like.  Apart from designing your channel letter signage, we also offer channel letter sign repair and maintenance services. Contact us today to learn more about our custom channel letter sign design, fabrication, and installation services in Dallas/Fort Worth.

Common Types of Channel Letter Signs Available

Picking up the right type of channel letter sign is essential. Every business has something unique about it. Thus, the type of channel letter sign you choose should be able to bring out the unique personality of your business.
Generally, there are four common types of channel letter signs that businesses in Dallas/Fort Worth use.

1. The Classic Front-Lit/ LED Channel Letter Signs

These are the most common types of channel letter signs used by businesses. As the name suggests, these channel letters are illuminated from the front. They use LED modules that are placed on the interior of every letter.
Front-lit or LED channel letter signs have an acrylic face that can be customized according to the color of your brand. This type of channel letter signage looks stunning and is easily visible from great distances. Thus, it is a perfect way to capture the attention of the passersby.

2. Halo/ Reverse/ Back-Lit Channel Letter Signs

These channel letters come with a metal face and a clear acrylic back. These channel letters are mounted with at least a 1.5-inch gap from the wall. The light comes from the back of every letter, thereby giving it a halo-like appearance.
Back-lit channel letters give your storefront a sophisticated, classy, and softer appearance. Most businesses usually go for yellow or white color lights, but you can also opt for colorful lights to make your store stand out.

3. Dual or Combination-Lit Channel Letter Signs

If you want to go for bright and dramatic channel letter signage, then dual-lit channel letter signs would be perfect for your business. These channel letters combine the features of halo-lit channel letters, and Front-lit LED channel letters, thereby giving you the best of both worlds.
In this type of letter sign, the letters are surrounded by a soft glow that gives them a halo-like effect. The front and back are illuminated by bright LED lights, making the sign a treat to the eyes!

4. Open Face Channel Letter Signs

The open face channel letter signage generally uses neon lights instead of LEDs. The letters don’t come with a face, and their front and back are made of sturdy aluminum. Since open face channel letters lack a face, the passersby can see their internal lighting element.
This type of signage creates a stunning and eye-pleasing display that will help you give a unique personality to your business.

What Should You Consider Before Selecting a Channel Letter Sign for Your Business?

The choice of your channel letter sign will depend on several factors. We are listing down the major ones below.

1. Your Budget

Firstly and most importantly, you will need to consider your budget. The cost of channel letter signs usually depends upon the material, size, and method used for illuminating them.

2. Sign Location

After you have a budget in mind, consider the location where you want to put up your channel letter signage. Some signs like halo channel letters work great against light-colored masonry, while others, like the classic front-lit channel letters are an all-rounder.

3. Font Type

Next, you need to consider the font type of your channel letters. The choice of your fonts significantly impacts the readability of the channel letter sign. So, to make a significant impact, try to go for bold fits and keep enough space between each letter.
Smaller fonts tend to decrease the readability of the sign. So it is better to avoid them unless absolutely necessary. It is a smart idea to try out different font types and sizes before finalizing your choice. At Legacy Signs of Texas, we offer fully customizable channel letter signage to our customers in Dallas and Fort Worth.

Channel Letter Sign Design and Fabrication

At Legacy Signs, channel letter signs are usually made of aluminum and acrylic. The body of the letter or logo will be made out of aluminum, which is lightweight and will last a long time even when exposed to the elements. The acrylic can then be positioned in front of the light so that the light will shine through the acrylic, or the sign can be illuminated from below.

Our channel letter signs are designed and custom fabricated to our customer’s specifications. We make sure to match the company’s brand and lettering. There’s a lot of custom work that goes into building a channel letter sign, but the end result is an eye-catching display of the organization’s branding. The goal of a channel letter sign is not only professionalism but also visibility. Even at night, few passersby in Dallas/Fort Worth will miss a well-designed channel letter sign.

Businesses That Can Benefit From Channel Letter Signs

Retail storefrontshigh-rise buildingschurchesrestaurants, barshospitals, office buildings, apartment complexesschools — there are many Dallas/Fort Worth businesses that can benefit from a channel letter sign. The advantages of channel letter sign are:

Because channel letter signs are so flexible, attractive, and convenient, they are one of the most popular types of storefront signs available. Any type of business can benefit from exterior channel letter signs, both to make the business more visible and to extend the business’s branding.

Common Types of Mounting Options for Channel Letter Signs

When it comes to mounting solutions for channel letter signage, you get three major choices.

Flush Mounts

Flush mounts are also known as direct or stud mounts. In flush mount installation, the letters of your signage are directly put up on the face of your storefront in a distinguished pattern. Non-corrosive fasteners or studs are used to hold the letters together.
All the wiring and other electrical works are neatly hidden behind the façade of the building. This gives a clean and impressive appearance to the signage.

Backer Mounts

In the backer mount installation, the channel letters are mounted to a large backer panel or an oversized metal cabinet. The backer or the metal cabinet is much larger than the letters, and thus, it gives an architectural appearance to the entire channel letter signage.
Just like flush mounts, the electrical power supply and other wiring are not visible to the passersby. They are neatly tucked inside the backer panel, or they can also be hidden behind your building’s exterior.

Raceway Mounts

Raceway mounts are very popular amongst commercial buildings. In this type of installation, all the letters of the sign are attached to a narrow metal box known as the raceway.
The box contains the necessary wiring and electrical power supply for every letter. This reduces the number of holes required to be drilled in the wall. The raceway is put up on the building, and you will have your channel letter signage ready!

Channel Letter Sign Installation and Repair

Need your sign installed? Legacy Signs specializes in both the installation and repair of channel letter signs, ensuring that the installation is conducted securely, safely, and affordably. Every installation is different, sometimes requiring wiring and construction. At Legacy Signs, we will ensure that your sign is installed securely on your DFW business and that the installation complies with local building codes.

While durable, channel letter signs can still need maintenance and repairs. Channel letter signs may need lights replaced or experience damage due to weather. Experienced professionals are able to replace the acrylic on a channel letter sign, repair the aluminum, and replace or rewire lights. By maintaining and repairing your Channel Letter Sign, you not only ensure that it presents your company well, but also make sure that the sign doesn’t become a potential hazard.

At Legacy Signs, we also provide complete channel letter sign repair and maintenance services too. We stand behind every sign we design and ensure that you do not have to go through any issues with them.
We aspire to meet all your expectations and provide you with the most pleasing experience. We take care of each project as if they are our own and ensure that our customers are presented with nothing but the absolute best! All our products also come with a written warranty, so if you face any signage-related problems, our team will take care of them for you.

Are you interested in getting channel letter signage for your Dallas/Fort Worth business? At Legacy Signs, we can help you with all your sign-related needs. All of our signs are custom fabricated right here in Dallas/Fort Worth, and we make sure to install them quickly and securely. Contact us today to get a quote.

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