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High Rise Building Signs in Dallas/Fort Worth

Dallas/Fort Worth High Rise Building Signs

Every building needs signage, but high rises have special needs. High rise signage tends to be larger, harder to install, and more specialized than any other kind of signage. Thankfully, Legacy Signs of Texas is ready and willing to tackle all of those challenges.

We offer a full range of signage services, and all of them can be applied to high rises in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Your big building is not a big problem for us. We can help you design the right sign, get it made, and install it as part of a consolidated service package. We’re here to take care of your signage needs from start to finish. Contact us today to learn more about our high rise building sign services in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Types of High Rise Building Signs

There are plenty of different high rise building signs, and each serves a specific function to help you display important information in, around, or on your Dallas/Fort Worth building.

Channel letter signs are probably the most well-known and sought-after high rise signs. For anyone unfamiliar, these are the custom letter signs that go on the side of a building. They are often made from metal or plastics, and they are completely custom. This is how you can display the name of the high rise building or the name of a business associated with the building. Channel letter signs can also provide an address or other pertinent information.

Interior signage is also important for high rises. Lobby signs, logo signs, and other interior signs catch attention and help people find the right location within the large building. We offer custom options on all of these.

Monument signs are the third-most popular type of high rise building signage. These are large, ground-level signs that are typically made from stone or brick. They can identify the building or business and are often more accessible to auto and pedestrian traffic. We offer customized monument signs as well.

Plenty of other sign types can be useful for a high rise building. If you have ideas or want to explore options, the team at Legacy Signs of Texas can help you do that.

High Rise Sign Design and Fabrication

We don’t just sell signs — we design and fabricate them ourselves. This means that you can get a custom sign designed and created from start to finish right here at Legacy Signs of Texas.

We’ll start by helping you with the sign design. If you have ideas in mind, we can help you turn them into reality. If you’re not sure exactly what you need, we can consult with you and help you come up with an original design that is perfect for your high rise sign. Regardless, you get a customized, unique sign to serve whatever function you need.

We don’t stop at design; we also fabricate high rise signage right here in the DFW area. That means that you don’t have to wait for us to send out an order to an offshore fabrication company. You don’t get multiple layers of shipping, and you don’t have a middleman creating communication problems along the way. We design the sign, then we make it. That means we know exactly what processes are available from the start, and we can design the signs around our fabrication methods. Consolidating the entire process to a single business is the best way to get the signs you want at a good price and with minimal problems.

High Rise Building Sign Installation and Repair

After we design and fabricate your signs, we also offer professional installation of all high rise building signage. That means that we can design the signs and fabricate them, all while knowing the best way to install them. It creates a complete service that yields the most visible, attractive and durable signage possible. Once the signs are up, you can be sure that the signs are up to code, and we back every sign installation with a transparent warranty. 

We’re still not done. We can also repair damaged signs. While we make our signs to last, accidents and acts of nature do sometimes happen. We can help you explore repair options to make sure you aren’t stuck replacing major signage on or around your high rise building. A good repair job can have your signs as good as new, typically much faster and cheaper than trying to replace them altogether. 

If you’re ready to get a dutifully crafted, professionally installed sign for your Dallas/Fort Worth high rise building, contact Legacy Signs today. We look forward to working with you.

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