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Dallas/Fort Worth Digital/LED Signs

If you own a business in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, you need quality signage. Traditional signs have their place. A monument sign is important for high visibility. Pole signs and other storefront signs identify exactly who and where you are.

LED signs can be attached to monument signspole signs, and even buildings, and they add an important modern upgrade. While you can still have your monument or well-known marker, the addition of a digital sign allows you to have an adaptable way to communicate with people outside the store.

If you have changing business hours, a digital sign can easily inform customers. If you’re making changes to inventory or services, a digital sign is your most reliable tool in letting everyone know. If you just want to wish people a Merry Christmas or happy Fourth of July, your digital sign can get it done.

In a world where everything goes digital, your signs can too, and they can do it without abandoning the signage you have already purchased, installed, and promoted. If you’re interested in getting an LED sign added to your existing signage or as part of a new sign, contact Legacy Signs of Texas today. With our help, you can stand out from the crowd with modern, adaptable digital signage.

Businesses That Can Benefit from Digital Signage

Most motels and hotels can benefit from digital signs. LED signs catch attention and help travelers find their destination. If you have ever tried to find your lodging after a long day of driving, you can appreciate what digital signs do for these businesses. Digital signs can also tell passersby what sets you apart from the competition, such as lower prices or complimentary breakfasts.

Retail stores are another one of the most obvious beneficiaries. With your digital signage, you can let people know about your niche products. You can also display promotions, hours of operation, or anything else that’s important.

Bars and restaurants can also take advantage of promotional digital signs. Happy hour or other specials bring in customers, and LED signs allow for easy updates.

Larger locations like hospitals and even sports stadiums use digital signs on a regular basis. The signage allows topical information to be disseminated easily, which is great for herding large groups of people.

Schools can use digital signage to remind parents of half days, no-school days, registration deadlines, school field trips, or any other important information. Constant and obvious updates visible on school grounds can be even more effective than fliers and emails sent to parents.

Car dealershipsapartment complexes, and shopping centers are just more business types on the list. It’s difficult to imagine a place of business in Dallas/Fort Worth that wouldn’t benefit from digital signage.

LED Sign Design and Fabrication

One of the most powerful features of digital signage is its ability to be customized. You can get a unique LED sign that serves a specific function for your business. Customizing it to work well with existing signage, fit into an awkward space, or accommodate abnormal power needs can simplify and empower your signage.

The problem is that custom signs have to be fabricated, and there are not too many places to get a custom LED sign made. Fortunately, Legacy Signs of Texas can handle this job. We fabricate all our signs, and that includes the digital and LED options.

Because we can build the custom LED signs to order, you can get exactly what you need down to the tiniest specification. While the LED components of the signage might make it adaptable, it is custom sign fabrication that truly provides you with freedom in your signage. You don’t have to make compromises. Get the perfect sign that will help your DFW business grab and hold attention.

LED Sign Installation and Repair

Ordering a custom LED sign is great for your business, but only if it is installed properly. Legacy Signs of Texas offers professional digital sign installation with every piece we fabricate.

Our professional installation will ensure that your sign is operating correctly and safely. We’ll also make sure that it is anchored appropriately, complies with local building codes, and can stand up to North Texas weather. Or if it’s an indoor sign, we’ll make sure it’s safe and secure and not creating problems for your or your customers.

With your professional installation complete, you will also want a resource to repair any signs that do succumb to the elements. Our professional sign repair services can handle whatever you need. Since we build signs, we’re intimately familiar with the care they need to last as long as possible.

You can schedule a repair service whenever you need it. We’ll come and assess the sign and let you know what it needs. From there, we can make quick work of the job and have your signage back to being an attractive representation of your business.

Ready for a custom LED sign to help your business stand out? Contact Legacy Signs of Texas today. We can incorporate digital signage into monument signs, pole signs, storefront signs, and much more. Whether you have an existing sign that you want to add digital messages to or you want a custom sign crafted from scratch, we’re here to help. Contact us for all your signage needs in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

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