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Healthcare Sign Fabrication and Installation in Dallas/Fort Worth

Dallas/Fort Worth Healthcare Signs

Legacy Signs of Texas is located in the DFW area. We’ve been designing, fabricating, and installing signs around here for decades, and in that time, we have developed peripheral expertise in a number of vertical industries. One of those industries is healthcare.

We have been managing healthcare signage for ages, and that has enabled us to develop experience that can help healthcare organizations provide the right signage for each function.

For exterior signs, we can recommend pole signs, monument signs, or channel letter signs when appropriate. Channel letter signs are great on the side of a building and are ideal for downtown hospitals and clinics. Monument signs are large and work best at the entrance to larger campuses or office suites. Pole and pylon signs are ideal for displaying large signs that can be seen from afar when ground space might be limited. Our team can also provide you with a wide variety of interior signs for your hospital or practice.

If you have a hospital, medical office, or dental office anywhere in Dallas/Fort Worth and you need a custom sign, Legacy Signs of Texas is the team to turn to. Contact us today to learn more about our sign design, construction, and installation services.

Hospital Signs

Signage is essential for any hospital. Signs identify important locations both inside and outside hospital buildings. Identifying the right building can mean the difference between life and death for some patients, so proper outdoor signage must be large, legible, and durable.

Interior signage conveys information that is just as important. Whether the signs identify biohazards or an office, they all carry impactful information for the hospital. They direct both patients and staff where they are needed, and they help control the flow of traffic to ensure the hospital can function properly.

Each hospital requires a wide range of designs and functions for their signs, and that is why they need a reliable resource for all of their signs. Legacy Signs of Texas handles sign design, fabrication, and installation. It is the only resource a hospital needs for every single sign in and around the building, and because the work is sourced locally, custom work can be done faster and more reliably.

Medical Office Signs

Medical offices use signs in many ways on a daily basis. Exterior signage identifies the practice so that patients know they are in the right place. Interior signage can identify any number of rooms and stations and can provide important information. Signage can even provide health information that is vital for patients.

The range of signage is vast, and having a single company that can design all of them saves time and money. When you work with Legacy Signs of Texas, you don’t have to explain your practice and needs again and again for each specific sign. Our designers will get to know you and use that information as they design every sign that you want.

Because we fabricate and install the signs we design, you’ll also know that quality is never an issue. We’re fully prepared to handle all of the signage for medical offices and practices.

Dental Office Signs

Dental offices are another type of practice that has specific signage needs. Dental offices need to identify exam rooms, X-ray stations, and more. On top of that, dental signage can discuss dental health problems and help patients understand aspects of their health. They can even inspire patients to ask important questions that enable dentists to provide better care.

Exterior signage can help to identify a dental office and even increase traffic. Everyone needs a dentist, but knowing how to find one isn’t always easy. Good exterior signage helps with that by making your presence known.

Legacy Signs of Texas has been making signs for dental offices for years. We can handle your outdoor and indoor signage. We’ll use our experience to help you design the right sign for each occasion. We’ll make those signs ourselves, and then we will install them professionally. There is no guesswork when you let us do right by you and your signs.

Contact Us Today for Healthcare Signs

If you work in healthcare, you need signs. Contact Legacy Signs of Texas today for Dallas/Fort Worth healthcare signs. We can offer valuable insight to help you come up with signs that are useful, reliable, and compliant.

We can replace existing signage, outfit a new building, and repair old signs that may have sustained damage. The one thing you can trust completely is that we are dedicated to doing everything you need when it comes to your signs.

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