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Restaurant and Bar Signs in Dallas/Fort Worth

Dallas/Fort Worth Restaurant and Bar Signs

There is no shortage of great places to eat and drink in Dallas and Fort Worth. If you want to compete in this market, you need to establish yourself and stand out from the crowd. What better way is there to make an impression than with an amazing restaurant or bar sign? At Legacy Signs of Texas, we offer signs of every shape, size, color, and design to enable you to draw attention to your establishment. 

We offer fully customized signs for the exterior and interior of restaurants and bars. You can lean into a theme, go for a classic look, or simply let customers know what you’re about. Our team will take you through planning, design, fabricationinstallation, and maintenance. We’re your one-stop shop for all your business sign needs. Contact us today for custom restaurant and bar signage for your Dallas/Fort Worth establishment.

Types of Restaurant and Bar Signs

If every restaurant and bar is unique, then each business needs a unique sign. We offer a full selection of options that can cover everything you could possibly want.

Our channel letter signs are great for displaying a business name on the side of the building. Each channel letter sign is customized, meaning you will get a unique aesthetic that speaks to the nature of your establishment.

We also offer cabinet signs, which are a great way to identify your restaurant on the side of the road or at the entrance to a parking lot or shopping center. Cabinet signs look professional and clean and can make it easy for patrons to find you.

In other cases, pole or pylon signs might be more appropriate. We can help you get a great pole or pylon sign that is visible from a distance and easily identifies your restaurant or bar.

Of course, not all signs go outdoors. We also offer lobby and logo signs for interiors to make your dining space display the atmosphere that you choose. Whatever kind of signage you need for your DFW restaurant or bar, the team at Legacy Signs of Texas can supply it.

Restaurant/Bar Sign Design and Fabrication

From channel letters to indoor logo signs, the team at Legacy Signs can design every type of sign you could want. We’ll work with you to craft a real masterpiece that says what you need in the way that looks great and catches attention. Even something as simple as choosing a channel letter font can make a big difference in how your signage is perceived, and we’ll offer veteran experience to help you make the best possible choice at every step.

That’s not the end of the story. Once your sign is fully designed, we’ll fabricate it ourselves. You don’t have to wait for international shipping as an offshore company to do the real work. We take care of the entire restaurant sign fabrication process right here in Dallas/Fort Worth. That improves turnaround times and ensures that you really do get the sign exactly as you imagined it. We offer a full range of design and fabrication services that start with analyzing your property and end with a great sign that is built to last.

Bar and Restaurant Sign Installation and Repair

We wouldn’t be able to warranty our signs if we didn’t know that they were installed properly. That’s why we handle professional sign installation too. You won’t just have a great sign — it will be installed by the very people who built it. There is no one you can trust more to do a great job at this step. We make sure that our installations are code-compliant and can even help you apply for the permits necessary. 

If at any point your sign needs some love, we also offer sign repair services in Dallas/Fort Worth. All of our signs are warrantied, and whether a sign is covered by us or not, we can offer repair services to get it back in shape. A little mishap shouldn’t leave you signless while you have a replacement designed and made. Repairs are faster and more affordable, and they’re available with Legacy Signs of Texas. We’re always glad to help. 

Call us today to get professional design, fabrication, installation, and repair of your restaurant or business sign in Dallas/Fort Worth. We offer free quotes for all signage services in the area.

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