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There are more than 30 million small businesses in the United States. Each one of those businesses has a different name, unique logo, and color scheme to help make their brand more recognizable to their returning customers and standout to potential customers. Legacy Signs of Texas is a full service sign company that will build your business’ sign to the exact branding specifications.

We have make signs for a variety of different business needs. From catching the attention of a motorist driving by, to making your business standout to drive the foot traffic into your store with the hopes of making another sale, and everything in-between.

Your personalized sign is an opportunity to increase awareness, whether you’re a brand-new company or have been operating for years. Having custom signs for your business is a smart and inexpensive way advertise your company’s services.

At Legacy Signs of Texas we make sure that the signage is built to your company’s branding details and is the right sign for the right purpose.

Quality Custom Signs Built Right

We make custom signs to order. We can design the signs from scratch, we do the fabrication in house, and we offer professional installation.

We know how important it is to be visible when competing for attention in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. No matter where your company is located in the greater DFW metro area, we are here to help.

We create unique and effective signage to help reach your business goals. Whether you need a marquee for a restaurant, a monument sign for a school, or cabinet sign to mount your business name on the building, we have got you covered.

We’ve been a proud member of the DFW community for years, and we take pride and pleasure in helping other businesses find success in their endeavors. Contact us today for a free quote on our business sign design, fabrication, and installation services in Dallas/Fort Worth.

Why Signage is Important

Brand Name & Services

The name of your business often tells customers what services you offer or products you sell.

Advertising to Passerby’s

Everyone is a potential customer. If you can get your products and/or services in front of them then some my convert into a sale.

Directions & Sections

Customized signs can help guide more customers to your business location, but also help them once their inside. A few examples include:

Creating the Perfect Sign

There are a couple things to consider when designing a sign.

Businesses We’ve Built Signs For

At Legacy Signs of Texas, we offer full sign services. That means we cater to just about every kind of business you can find in this great state. Below is a list of some of our most common clientele. 

Apartment Buildings

Apartment buildings often need monument signs to be identified from afar. Building signs can help to identify individual components of the complex, and housing signs can mark each unit. Additional signage for communal spaces or complex resources is also attainable.

Car Dealerships

Car dealerships can benefit from large pole signs, suspended signs, or digital signs. It is important that people easily spot your dealership. You may need additional signage to help visitors locate different divisions of the dealership, such as parts, services, or sales. Whatever you need to make your dealership stand out is at your fingertips.


Churches often use marquees to keep information publicly accessible. You may also want interior signage to project your logo and identify important locations in the church. In all, every church needs a variety of signs, and they are all available with Legacy Signs of Texas.


High-rise buildings need large channel letter signs. With so much valuable space high in the sky, it would be a waste to skimp on the signage. Interior signage is also a must, and in a large building, you need access to bulk signage at a good price.

Private Communities

HOAs and neighborhoods are another prime location for monument signs or other large, visible, and attractive signs. Street signs are also vital to helping residents properly navigate the area.


Hospitals and medical offices need to be spotted from the road. They also need interior signage to direct patients, staff, and visitors. The range of medical signs is vast, and having insufficient signage could lead people astray.


Hotels and motels often cater to weary travelers. The best way to boost business is to be easily spotted from the highway. You also need adequate signage to identify buildings, wings, and rooms of the hotel or motel. Signs for amenities, such as a pool or continental breakfast, are also on the list.


Restaurants and bars always use creative signage to keep traffic up. You can post specials or get witty with your advertising. You may also need designated parking signs for handicap zones, to-go pickup, delivery service couriers, and suppliers.


Retail stores and shopping centers have fierce competition. Your exterior signs need to make you visible in a crowd. Whether you’re opting for a creative design and color palette or signs that allow you to be verbally expressive, everything is easier when you have the best sign.


Schools and universities have countless buildings that need to be easily identified. We can make signs for every single one. We can fabricate all of the signs necessary for a functioning school.


Sports stadiums have some of the most complex signage needs. We can handle everything from massive advertising spaces to concise logo signs. Guests in the stadium will never be lost when your signage is up to the challenge.

Listing every business we can support would take too much time. The simple fact is that we can make a sign for anyone, and we’d be happy to help you improve visibility for your Dallas/Fort Worth business.

Contact Us for Commercial Sign Fabrication

Legacy Signs of Texas can handle the entire process of providing you with custom signage. Regardless of the sign’s content and function, we can help you every step of the way. We offer original commercial sign design that will ensure you get the information and ideas you want with an expert touch.

We fabricate the signs ourselves. You don’t have to wait for us to get the sign delivered from across the world. We’ll make it right here in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. When your sign is complete, we’ll professionally install it too. You don’t need a middleman for any of it. Get your perfect custom business sign today from Legacy Signs of Texas.

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