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Blade/Projecting Signs for Dallas/Fort Worth Businesses

Blade signs are a great way to catch the attention of pedestrian shoppers. Also known as projecting signs, businesses in plazas, shopping districts and other dense locations especially stand to benefit the most from this style of signage. With blade signs perpendicular to the flow of traffic, passersby are more likely to notice them. This can help direct customers into your business and keep revenues high.

Even outside business plazas, projecting signs offer another dimension to direct customer outreach. The freedom to hang your sign any direction you need might sound small, but anything that can increase foot traffic is good for business. At Legacy Signs of Texas, we offer full signage services that can provide everything you need to get you the most traffic at your Dallas/Fort Worth business location. 

Why are Blade Signs so Important for Modern-Day Businesses?

Even in the modern-day era of online marketing and digital advertising, blade signage has not lost its charm and importance. A good blade sign can take your business to new heights of success. It can help you stand out from the crowd and entice your customers into visiting your store.

Apart from capturing the attention of the pedestrians and passersby, blade signs have several other benefits too. So, if you are considering whether or not you should use a blade sign for your business, these three advantages should help you make your decision.

1. Blade Signs Enable You to Make a Unique Visual Statement About Your Business

Using blade signs is a great way to showcase your creativity and give a new identity to your brand. Just think about it; there would be so many businesses offering the same thing as you in Fort Worth.

For example, if you own a bakery, why should a customer visit you and not the other bakery on the next block? Maybe you offer delicious vegan products that your competitors don’t, but how will the passersby know about them without entering your bakery? That’s where a blade sign comes into play.

You can use a trendy blade sign, mention your business’s unique selling point in a few words, and hang it outside your store. This will grab the pedestrian shoppers’ attention and make them aware of your specialty at a glance. Remember, shoppers and passersby are usually in a hurry, so you only have a minute or two to encourage them to walk into your store. And a creative blade sign makes this job several times easier.

2. Blade Signs Are Easy to Customize

There is no fixed rule or template for designing an ideal blade sign. You can customize your store’s blade sign in any way you deem fit. You can choose different materials for the signage, opt for bright or metallic hues, and choose different shapes, fonts, and graphics according to your liking.

Try out different styles, play with some colors, and let the unique personality of your business shine through your blade signs. Looking for high-quality, customizable blade signage? We at Legacy Signs of Texas would love to help you with it!

3. Blade Signs are Very Economical

One of the best things about blade signage is that it doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. In addition, these signs are available in different materials and styles, and you can pick the one that fits your business’s budget.

Even the illuminated and double-sided blade signs are pretty budget-friendly. Moreover, signs made from wood or aluminum are very durable and won’t be damaged easily. So, it is a totally worthy investment!

Different Types of Blade Signs

The legacy of blade signs goes back to the early 13th Century. These signs were used by businesses in Great Britain. Soon enough, they became extremely popular, and businesses all around the world adopted them. The main reason for their popularity was: blade signs actually worked and generated positive results!

Back then, most of the blade signs used to be wooden and contained graphics and painted images. With time, blade signs evolved and became more trendy and stylish. Today, we have a wide variety of creative signs gracing the storefronts and welcoming the customers.

At Legacy Signs of Texas, we have the following types of blade signs for retail in Dallas and Fort Worth.

1. Non-Illuminated Blade Signs

These are the classic bracket-mounted blade signs. You can customize them for any height and width as per your requirements. Moreover, there are various materials and colors that can be used to design a stellar non-illuminated blade sign.
At Legacy Signs of Texas, our in-house team of experienced designers can create long-lasting and stylish non-illuminated blade signs for your store. We also build sturdy blade sign brackets to ensure that your signage stays firmly fixed on its spot. Just tell us your requirements and preferences, and we will do our best to turn your vision into reality!

2. Illuminated/ LED-Illuminated Blade Signs

Lighted blade signs have become a popular choice for many Fort Worth businesses. You can either choose Neon lights or LED lights to illuminate your blade signage and capture the attention of the passersby.
Illuminated signs are vibrant and look super fancy. Thus, they never go out of style!

3. Interior Blade Signs

Legacy Signs of Texas also offers high-quality interior blade signs for businesses in Fort Worth, TX. We specialize in durable and trendy interior blade signs that not only enhance the interior of your store but also make it easier for your customers to navigate your store. This makes their shopping experience more fun and convenient.  

Blade Sign Design and Fabrication

At Legacy Signs of Texas, we offer blade sign design and fabrication in Dallas/Fort Worth. We can help you craft the perfect look for your sign to make sure it successfully grabs attention and doesn’t let it go. We can also help you put pertinent information on the sign in an efficient and easy-to-understand way. According to a study done by the Economic Center, University of Cincinnati, 8 out of 10 consumers claim to have patronized a business for the first time solely because of its sign. Additionally, 3 out of 4 have recommended a business only on the basis of signage. Great sign design is a powerful business tool.

Having signs designed and made by the same group comes with advantages. Since we do the fabrication in-house, we know exactly how the signs are made and what design elements work best with the fabrication process. We can also save you money by consolidating fees you might otherwise pay to two different groups. There are no middleman markups when you get your signage from us. Instead, you get quality craftsmanship that exists to help your business. From start to finish, you can get your blade signage designed and crafted by Legacy Signs of Texas.

Blade Signage Installation

After we make your sign, we’ll also install it. Blade signs can be tricky to install, especially in crowded business districts. Whether you need your projecting sign installed on a facade or on a pole, we can hang your signage in the best way possible.

We have the trucks and engineers needed to make sure your sign installation is safe, code compliant, and set up to last. Even if your sign isn’t made by us, we offer installation and maintenance to keep your blade sign doing its job for years to come.

We want to take care of your sign needs as if they are our own. Our purpose is building lasting relationships that benefit your business and help make DFW a better community. Every sign we make is backed by our warranty, and we do all of that warranty service ourselves. We’re always ready to back our work and make sure that your business is getting the best sign service it can.

We really do offer the whole service. From concept to installation, you can have all of your Dallas/Fort Worth signs met by the team at Legacy Signs of Texas. Contact us today to get a free quote.

Why Buy a Blade Sign from Legacy Signs of Texas?

Written Warranty

With us on board, you will not have to worry about the quality of your blade signage. We make sure to use the best quality material in all our products. Moreover, all our signs come with a written warranty. So, even if you face any issues, we have got you covered!

We Are Cost-Effective

We design all of the blade signs ourselves and deliver them to you directly. There are no middlemen involved. This greatly cuts the cost and enables us to provide you with high-quality blade signage at surprisingly affordable prices! There are no hidden fees and branding costs involved either.

We Bring More Than 150 Years of Combined Experience to the Table

At Legacy Signs of Texas, we take great pride in our legacy. We have been in business for years now and have successfully designed and delivered thousands of blade signage. And most of our customers have nothing but positive things to say about us.
We understand this industry and know the importance of having unique and durable blade signage. From vertical blade signs to circular ones, from interior blade signs to blade sign brackets, we have designed it all. Our terrific in-house team of designers ensures to meet all your expectations and then some more! Contact us today for a custom blade sign for your business.

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