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Sometimes, it can be pretty challenging to attract potential customers to your company. Perhaps your business is hard to find. Or maybe, it’s located in a highly-populated area with other businesses offering the same services as you. So what’s the solution? Using monument signs for business can undoubtedly work in your favor.

When you install a monumental sign, it increases the chances that potential new customers are introduced to your business first. The best thing about the monumental sign is that it makes it a whole lot easier for your new customers to find your exact location.

Keep in mind, signage will always be the first thing your suppliers, prospective partners, and potential clients will see when they endeavor to find your company. So it’s imperative that you get it right!

The interesting thing about monumental signage is that it’s the perfect combination of architectural and graphic design. And it can serve a variety of purposes. With the right monument sign design, you can make your business more memorable for potential customers. These signs can also work as navigation tools.

Additionally, monument signs are quite an effective marketing tool. They help you boost your brand recognition significantly. If you’re ready to get a custom monument sign built for your business or neighborhood, contact Legacy Signs of Texas today.

What Is A Monument Sign?

If you realized the potential of monument signs for business, you wouldn’t delay getting one installed for your company. But first, what exactly does a monumental sign refer to?

To put it in simple terms, monument signs are those free-standing signs you see sitting at ground level. Hence, they ensure a direct line of sight for people passing by. These signs have a low profile. Keep in mind that there’s very negligible or absolutely no open space between the monument sign and the ground.

There’s quite a lot to experiment with in monument sign design. In fact, you will be impressed by its versatility. You can have them customized as per your brand and ensure that it’s the perfect representation of what your business is all about.
Using monument signs for business helps your company stand out even when it’s located in a multi-tenant shopping center!

Typically, monument signs are installed near entrances and streets where they would inevitably catch the attention of commuters.

Why Install A Monument Signs For Your Business?

There’s so much that monumental signs can offer you. For one thing, you would never have to worry about missing out on prospective customers because they are unable to find you. The monumental signage will make it easier than ever for your customers to find your exact location!

Yes, a monument sign serves several purposes. Primarily, they provide information directly in the line of sight of pedestrians. It makes it easy for customers on foot or in cars to see your sign and easily understand the information you are presenting.

Whether that information is your store name and hours of operation or information about a special promotion, the primary purpose of a monument sign is to make it easy for people in the area to know what you are trying to tell them.

Additional advantages of monument signs include ruggedness and customizability. These are super-tough signs — typically made with stone or brick bases — that can handle strong weather and the everyday rigors of life.

They’re also customizable, so they can be installed in front of almost any business. You can get unique shapes and colors and create a sign that celebrates the originality of your business. Or, you can go with the classics in order to portray a sense of longstanding stability. There are no limits to what your sign can do and say for you — in monumental fashion.

To sum it all up, here’s how monument signs can benefit your business.

Enhanced Visibility

Monumental signage guarantees visibility. Even those casually passing by will see the sign, which will then be retained in their memory. In the future, whenever they need products or services you offer, their mind will inevitably go back to the signage.

And we don’t talk without proof. Studies have revealed that more than 50% of consumers have failed at various instances to locate a business due to the absence of signs. Since monument signs are easily noticeable from a distance, you don’t have a reason to worry.

Suited To Architecture

Monument signage designs are incredibly versatile. You can have them constructed from a variety of materials. So you can ensure your monument signs match the existing architecture of your company. This makes your brand image more consistent.


Monument signs are built to last, but only if they are made with quality maintained throughout. And this is precisely what we ensure! Our monumental signs are long-lasting and designed to withstand harsh weather conditions.

You wouldn’t have to worry about the signs losing visibility, color, or quality due to outdoor elements. They provide you with a long-term marketing opportunity.

At Legacy Signs of Texas, we’re experts in designing and fabricating monument signs. We also install and repair monument signs throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth area. If you’re interested in one of these captivating signs for your business, neighborhood, or building, contact us today.

Uses For Monument Signs

Where to find monument sign companies near me? Isn’t that what you are thinking? We get it! Once you realize the full potential of these signs, it’s hard to stay away from them. But how can you use them?

It all comes down to customization and design. Do you want to use the sign as a landmark or a way-finder? Or do you have some other purpose in mind? You can use monument signs to:

Businesses That Can Benefit From Monument Signs

Considering the unique advantages of monument signs, which Dallas/Fort Worth businesses would benefit the most from having one installed? Almost any business can take advantage of monument signs, but the ones that gain the most will be businesses where signage faces height restrictions.

If you don’t have access to a billboard, banner, or marquee, a monument sign might be the best way to make a strong statement with the space available. The fact that they don’t need to be displayed up high is one of their greatest strengths. This applies to businesses that are in multi-tenant shopping centers, businesses that are ground-floor only, and businesses that are in otherwise crowded locations. 

Monument signs are also great additions to business properties where the parking lot entrance and the main building are a good distance away. They add beauty and dignity to the front of municipal buildings when designed by experts like the team at Legacy Signs.

Monument signage is also commonly associated with neighborhoods where they proudly display the neighborhood’s name to those entering. They project a sense of solidarity and longevity to neighborhoods, and they can do the same for churches, hospitals, apartment complexes, and many other locations.

Monument Sign Design Options

You will be impressed! There’s so much we can do with monument signs. In fact, these signs can be constructed from many materials depending on your requirements.

For instance, if you value stability with elegance, brick or stone monumental signs will be an excellent option. Similarly, if you want to keep the look basic and ensure that your monument sign is optimally durable, concrete will be suitable for you.

You can also consider a wood monument sign to get a more traditional look. Aluminum and metal monument signs are perfect for those who want a more modern look for their signage.

And we offer it all. You can contact us to construct a post and panel monument sign for you. In this case, the signs will be supported by wrought iron or wood. We are also pretty capable of constructing masonry monument signs. All you have to do is let us know your requirements, and we will take care of the rest!

The custom nature of monument signs is one of their greatest strengths, but it can create accessibility problems for business owners and operators. Getting a truly custom sign isn’t always easy. It can be doubly hard to find a local fabricator that will enable you to work and communicate freely on the design to make sure it’s right for your needs.

At Legacy Signs of Texas, we custom-design and fabricate monument signs for business and building owners throughout Dallas/Fort Worth. We can help you create a masterpiece of a monument sign, then we’ll make it ourselves. This cuts out middlemen and complicated steps that can increase the time it takes to get your sign or otherwise reduce your satisfaction. Having everything you need in one place is convenient, but it’s also more reliable.

We’re committed to ensuring that your monument sign is everything you hope it can be. That’s why we’ll partner with you throughout the process. If you already have a design in mind, that’s great. If you need a little help with creativity, we’re there for you then too. Our goal is to provide a complete service that leaves you with a sign that promotes your business and helps to increase traffic and sales. 

Monument Sign Installation and Repair

It’s crucial to keep one thing in mind. It’s a lot of work to have a monument sign installed. And it is even more troublesome to have it removed! Therefore, you would want to ensure that the installation is done right the first time around. We can help you with that!

Having a sign designed and fabricated in the same place is great, but at Legacy Signs, we don’t stop there. We also offer installation and repair. Because we install the signs we make, we know exactly what is involved in a sturdy installation. Even at the design stage, we can offer experience and input that will help make a sign that will anchor correctly where you want it and last a long time.

Then we’ll follow through and professionally install your monument sign the way it should be installed. That will provide you with the peace of mind that your sign isn’t going to blow over in a gentle breeze. It also lets you know that your sign was planned properly from the start to provide the best attention-grabbing display possible.

Even with this full service, there are acts of nature that can overcome even the best signs. If something happens to your beautiful monument sign, you don’t need to worry; we offer full repair services too. We’ll get it fixed as fast as possible to make sure an unexpected challenge doesn’t turn into a total disaster.

We understand how crucial this monument signage is for your business. We take pride in our work and we won’t let your monument sign appear old or worn out. In case of damage, you can contact us instantly, and we will be by your side in no time!

How To Find A Monument Sign Company Near Me?

For full service for your monument sign, contact Legacy Signs of Texas today. You can see examples of our expertly-crafted monument signs throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Our work speaks for itself and enables us to shine bright! We will ensure you get to use monumental signs to their full potential!

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