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When your business is in need of a new business sign, you need a solution that is quick, efficient, and affordable, not to mentioned customized to fit your business needs. With regards to how Legacy Signs of Texas conducts this process, from your initial contact with us through the end of the manufacturing and installation process, we are proud of our ability to complete your project on time. Read on for more information on the process we use to complete your new business sign orders!

1. First Contact

Our team receives your request for information or a quote on a new business sign from Legacy Signs of Texas. We thoroughly review the nature of your sign needs and work to make sure we gather enough information to ensure your satisfaction throughout the process.

2. Information

Our team strives to make sure your individual business image is reflected in the signs we fabricate for you. We usually request the following information from you, to be sure we can complete the initial site survey with ease and efficiency:

3. Survey

The site survey provides our team an opportunity to take measurements, plan the installation, and determine any other physical attributes your sign might require to make the impact you desire. For more information on our On-Site Survey, check our informational page here.

4. Estimate

We provide an estimate to you based on the information we have gathered from you and the on-site survey. If there are any provisions or restrictions stemming from your property’s lease, we also take those factors into account.

5. Contracting Legacy Signs of Texas

Once you decide that we really are the best option for your business sign needs, we are ready to move forward with your sign project. We do require a deposit to begin working on your signs; once we receive that payment, we begin the fabrication stage of the process!

6. Fabrication

If your business will require any permits from the city, we complete this on your behalf. We follow all guidelines and regulations to ensure your sign meets all laws and restrictions particular to your area. We may also have to wait for the landlord or management company to approve of the design on your new signs, but once we have that approval, we move forward. We procure quality materials to begin bringing your sign designs to life! Our design teams double-check the artwork, down to the millimeter, and match paints and color schemes to perfection.

7. Inspection

Our higher-level staff members perform quality checks throughout the process, but once the product is fully finished, they perform one final quality inspection, to ensure the sign is the absolute best rendition possible from your design.

8. Preparing for Installation

Our teams will contact the city to finalize the paperwork required before the installation of your sign can proceed. We pick up the permits and post them at the job site prior to the installation. We set up a date that best fits everyone’s schedules and ensure that everything is in place before we begin the installation.

9. Post-Installation

Our teams will take photographs of your signs once the installation is complete, for recording the completion of your sign. We also send a digital copy of the images to you, so that even if you cannot be on-site once the installation is completed, you can still see the results of Legacy Signs of Texas work. We only send the final invoice when you are satisfied with your new sign’s appearance. We are not happy with it until you are!

We take pride in being the best option for business sign solutions in the Dallas and Fort Worth metroplex. We want you to know that your new signs will be completed on time, every time, at a price you can afford. To get started designing a new sign, give us a call today!

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