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School and University Signs in Dallas/Fort Worth

Dallas/Fort Worth School and University Signs

If you work with a school or university in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, you know that it takes a lot to make a learning institution function. The sheer logistics of education are overwhelming, and yet, people rise to meet the challenge every day.

There are countless niches that have to be served for any school, and one that is extremely easy to overlook is signage. Signs keep a school running. At an absolute minimum, every class needs a label so students and faculty can find it. Of course, school signage runs much deeper.

Legacy Signs of Texas is a specialty business that is here exclusively to design, fabricate, install, and maintain signs. We work with custom designs and obscure niches on a daily basis. There is no sign out there that is going to stump our team. For any school in the area, we strive to be the only resource you need for great signage. That can range from permanent signs for campus grounds to temporary signs for a special event. Whatever you need, we’re here to provide it. Contact us today to get started.

Types of School Signs

A school needs so many different signs in order to function. You need something highly visible that labels the school so everyone knows that they are in the right place. You need office and lobby signs that identify key locations in the interior of the building(s). Marquees are a great way to let people know about abnormalities in the school schedule. Fire exits and accessibility features have to be marked by law. The sheer number and variety of signs are vast and can be intimidating.

At Legacy Signs of Texas, we make all kinds of signs for Dallas/Fort Worth schools, institutions, and universities. Just a handful of sign types can cover most of your needs at any school:

And this is only the beginning. We can craft a massive array of additional signs. You can rest assured that we can make whatever your school needs.

School Sign Design and Fabrication

At Legacy Signs of Texas, we design signs from scratch. You can have unique and original signage that distinguishes your place of learning. We can help you with designs for something never before seen. Conversely, we can conform to standards and ensure that your signage is in line with school expectations and regulations.

Once the sign is designed, we will fabricate it right here in Dallas/Fort Worth. That eliminates unknowns that plague send-out services. You will have no doubt that the person fabricating your sign understands the design; we all work together in the same facility. You can be sure that you will get what you want.

You also get to save time and money. Since we aren’t sending designs to a remote fabrication plant, you don’t have to wait for shipping. You also get to skip hefty shipping fees.

School Sign Installation and Repair

We don’t stop at design and fabrication. We also install signs throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth area. The last step in having your new sign is a chance for things to go wrong. We eliminate that chance. The very people who crafted your sign are the ones installing it. It could not possibly be in better hands.

Even after all of that, we aren’t done. If your sign sustains damage from natural sources or otherwise, repair is always an option. We can provide expert sign repair, and that service is available for signs that we made as well as signs that we didn’t fabricate. 

At Legacy Signs of Texas, our goal is to provide you with every resource necessary to have proper signage throughout your place of learning. For schools and universities in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, you won’t find better sign experts. Contact us today to get started with designing your next amazing sign.

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