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Sign Maintenance & Repair Service in Dallas/Fort Worth

Don’t leave your sign in the dark! Get your sign repaired sooner rather than later with Legacy Signs of Texas professional crews!

The Difference

Your damaged or malfunctioning sign CAN be repaired in days, not weeks! A broken sign in need of repair can have a significant impact on your business exposure. Our team of sign specialists is always ready to respond to your distress call. While most sign companies may take weeks to complete the repairs, Legacy Signs of Texas can and will have your sign up and running again in just days!

Legacy Signs of Texas takes pride in being able to provide quick service and get your broken signs fixed on time. Our professional workmen are honest, hard-working, and efficient. They understand the urgency that comes with a broken or malfunctioning business sign. They will work hard to fix the problems and guarantee the results will last with normal use.

Even if you didn’t buy your business sign from us, Legacy Signs of Texas can give you a hand to get it back up and running! We promise impressive results, every time!

What can you expect from Legacy Signs of Texas?

Every business sign service call follows a basic procedure. This procedure generally takes the following steps:

The Call

When you call Legacy Signs of Texas about your broken or malfunctioning business sign, we make it a priority to get to your location as soon as possible to view the issues in person. Once our skilled professionals can see the problems with their own eyes, and run a few tests with their industry-standard equipment, they can evaluate and determine the repair needs.

The Repair

Sometimes the problem you are experiencing with your business sign is electrical in nature. Sometimes it is an issue with the lighting system, the bulbs or sockets. Whatever the issue might be, Legacy Signs of Texas professional crews work hard and fast to get your business sign back up and running quickly. There’s no need for your business to take a hit, just because your business sign is having trouble. Let Legacy Signs of Texas repair the problem, and get customers back through your doors sooner rather than later!

The Evaluation

After the repairs are completed, our skilled workers will double-check the sign, to ensure it is running exactly as it should. Before they leave your location, they will determine that the repairs are satisfactory, and won’t leave until you are satisfied with the results! We are not happy until you are happy.

Give us a call today!

If your business sign is malfunctioning, broken, or otherwise in need of repair, there’s no reason to wait any longer. Call Legacy Signs of Texas, and our professional, skilled work crews will get to your location in as little time as possible to repair your sign. Even if your business sign was not fabricated or installed by Legacy Signs of Texas in the first place, we will provide you with quality repairs and service anyway! Give us a call today, and don’t lose any more business because your sign is not working correctly!

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