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Custom Monument, Channel Letters Signs Fabrication & Installation Fort Worth, TX

Fort Worth business owners know that recognizable, catchy, and long-lasting signs are one of the most important aspects of creating a successful company in a constantly changing, competitive market. Both outdoor and indoor signs are vital to staking a claim in this rigorous business of “doing business.” Great signs will attract customers and clients to a business, and particularly memorable signs will stick in their minds and get them coming back again and again. Highly visible, eye-catching signs ensure customers and clients can always find you and can refer their friends to your business with ease.

Legacy Signs of Texas provides the Fort Worth area with speedy, first-rate sign fabricationinstallation, and service on many types and styles of business signs. The five types of signs in which Legacy Signs of Texas specializes include:

Standard Channel Letter signs utilize a durable translucent vinyl frame to create the “channel,” which is then fitted with LED modules for internal lighting. This is the most chosen sign type, especially for outdoor locations.

Reverse Channel Letter signs are crafted from aluminum and then painted, providing a wide array of font, color, logo, and shape options. These reverse channel letter signs are usually lighted from external systems, shining on the face of the letters rather than illuminating the letters from the inside-out.

Dual-lit Channel Letter signs combine the stand-out visibility of Standard Channel Letter signs, and the plethora of styles found in the Reverse Channel Letter sign, to provide distinctive outcomes for discriminating business owners. Lit both internally and from external spot-light sources, these Dual-Lit Channel Letter signs provide a modern and eye-catching option.

Indoor signs come in a variety of styles and functions, including dimensional logo and lobby signs, as well as directory and engraved signs. Our specialized method and equipment allow Legacy Signs of Texas to craft indoor signs in essentially any shape or font that can be perfectly customized to fit your company’s image.

Monument signs are free-standing constructions, offset from your business building, that deliver traffic directly from the street or sidewalk into your business.

By providing custom sign creations for local Fort Worth businesses, Legacy Signs of Texas gives your company and brand a leg-up on the competition. Our fast turnaround on fabrication, installation, and even service calls makes Legacy Signs of Texas the go-to resource for indoor and outdoor business signs.

Custom Fort Worth Signs

Business owners have long been confounded and frustrated by the lack of timely service and installation of business signs, especially in the Fort Worth area. Until now, new companies and start-ups have had to “rely” on unreliable sign manufacturers. With inexplicable delays in the fabrication process, installation, and severely slow repair times, it has been too long since a business-friendly option was available for sign fabrication, installation, and repair. Now, Legacy Signs of Texas in Fort Worth is here with versatile and workable solutions for local businesses. By providing fast turnaround times on sign fabrication, installation, and service, Legacy Signs of Texas in Fort Worth ensures that your business’s grand opening is one your customers and clients will remember long after your company moves past being the new kid on the block.

Fort Worth Sign Installation

Installation of your new business sign does not need to be an exhausting or time-consuming experience. Legacy Signs of Texas’ professional installers and servicemen use state-of-the-art equipment and technology to ensure your business’s noticeable, recognizable new sign is up and bringing in customers in a flash. A spectacular grand opening can’t go forward without a brand-new, perfectly-designed sign in front of your place of business. You’ve worked so hard to get to the grand opening; don’t let sub-par installation of your new signs stand in your way! The difference with Legacy Signs of Texas is our commitment to providing:

Our professional installers and top-of-the-line equipment make Legacy Signs of Texas the perfect choice for your new business sign. There’s no need to hire a separate company after you order your custom business sign from us; we handle the whole process from fabrication to install, and onward into your maintenance, service, and repair needs.

Fort Worth Sign Repairs and Service

In the event that something goes wrong with your Legacy Sign, our service crews and repairmen are ready to correct the problem just as quickly and efficiently as we performed the installation. A broken or malfunctioning sign can severely (and negatively) impact your business’s traffic. While other sign repair companies may take weeks to repair your indoor or outdoor signs, we at Legacy Signs of Texas will complete the job in just days. We know how valuable your time is to your staff, your customers, and your profits.

Don’t waste time waiting on the other guys. Call Legacy Signs of Texas first! Our commitment is to provide:

Business sign repair does not have to take weeks to complete. Your business takes a big hit when your sign is not functioning correctly. We understand the need for a quick repair to get your business sign back in action and bringing in customers every day.

Recent Sign Projects in Fort Worth

We have completed numerous sign projects in the Fort Worth area for many different types of businesses. We have worked on indoor and outdoor signs in our five different fabrication styles. Some of our recent happy customers include:

FW Dental Arts

One of our recently completed projects in Fort Worth, Texas is Fort Worth Dental Arts. This dentistry and self-proclaimed “smile clinic” is very proud of the image they project to their clients and the community. The dental industry is a very competitive one, and often patients refuse to enter a dentist’s office if they do not feel comfortable, confident, and at home on the premises. One of the most effective ways to do project a safe and welcoming atmosphere is an elegant, stylish sign. Fort Worth Dental Arts came to us for just that. Their logo is a rather understated font, with the “A” in “Arts” being stylized to catch the viewer’s attention. The major style-point this client requested was that the sign had to be a vertically-aligned panel, with the font perpendicular to the ground. They are extremely pleased with the manufacturing and installation of Legacy Signs of Texas provided. You can see Fort Worth Dental Arts’ sign near GOLFTec Montgomery Plaza on West 7th Street in Fort Worth, Texas.

Visit FW Dental Arts and view our work at 2421 W 7th St #103, Fort Worth, TX 76107

Sport Clips

Another recently completed Legacy Signs of Texas project is the new Sport Clips in Fort Worth, Texas. Sport Clips is a well-known American brand, and their logo is easily identifiable from among hundreds of other barbershop and hair salon chains. With such an established company image, the franchisee had to be confident that the company hired to manufacture and install the new store-front sign would hold true to the Sport Clips brand. Legacy Signs of Texas not only adhered to the company’s required image, logo, and styling, they went above and beyond to complete the installation in a timely and efficient manner. Interested parties can now see the results of Legacy Signs of Texas’ expertise in the 1600 block of South University Drive in Fort Worth, Texas.

Visit Sport Clips and view our work at 1664 South University Dr, Fort Worth, TX 76107

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