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Custom Outdoor Business Signs

Legacy Signs of Texas can design, fabricate, and install any signage you need for your business or organization. Our team is ready to help with every step of the process, and when you work with us, you’ll get quality signs that serve their function and look great.

In particular, custom outdoor business signs are essential for many storefronts and other business locations. We have vast experience working with every kind of outdoor sign. Let us walk you through the selection process to think about all of the most important facets of sign planning. Contact us today if you’d like to get your sign design started today.

Best Materials for Outdoor Signs

Outdoor signs can be made from a lot of different materials. At Legacy Signs of Texas, we only fabricate signs from the best materials required for your outdoor signage needs.

There are more than a few options:

You can also look into other custom materials, but those are the most common options. Our sign design team will help guide you through choosing your materials based on how the sign will be displayed and the types of weather that the sign will face.

How to Choose the Right Material for Outdoor Signage

When it comes to outdoor signage, choosing the right material is everything. The wrong material won’t be able to display your message. It won’t live up to the weather. It won’t last long enough, and it won’t make your business or organization look good.

Legacy Signs of Texas has experts who can help you choose the right material for your sign, and we have a few tips to help you along the way.

Wood signs can do just fine, even in wet weather. As long as they are treated, they will last, but typically speaking, wood signs are better off smaller in size and under some amount of roofing.

Vinyl signs are completely weatherproof and do great without any protection at all. Large signs, meant to be read from the road, are often made from vinyl.

Metal signs are best when the total signage needs to be heavy. Metal can also help the sign fit specific aesthetics, and as metal can be weatherproofed, these signs can also endure nature’s fury.

Proper Lighting for an Outdoor Sign

When you have your designs and materials chosen, it’s important to think about lighting. If you want your sign to be visible in the dark, then lighting is the only option.

Depending on the sign’s design, a few different lighting options make sense.

Spotlights are perfect for monument signs and other large, aesthetic, static signs that are easy to see from a distance.

Backlit signs are perfect for displaying specific and important information. Backlit signs can be entirely electric (such as price signs at gas stations), and they make it easier to change the displayed information. They’re also extremely easy to see from a distance.

LEDs are efficient, and they come in many different shapes, sizes and colors. They provide endless options to add color and other aesthetic elements to the sign’s design. They are also more than bright enough to make your sign plainly visible.

Plenty of other light fixtures enable you to control contrast and shadow across the sign at night. You can browse our options and play with different ideas. With so many choices, there’s a perfect lighting solution for any sign.

Choosing the Design

For many business owners, choosing the design is the most important stage of selecting signage. Your business has its own character, and it has probably already fallen into its own unique aesthetic.

All of that can be designed into your outdoor sign. It’s a matter of picking the right material, shapes, colors, logo, and anything else you might want.

Naturally, each sign has its own purpose, so some provide more opportunity for creativity while other signs are entirely functional. Our team can help you navigate all of those choices to end up with a sign that does exactly what you need and looks great doing it.

One thing that merits careful consideration is the sign’s size. The sign’s location might limit or demand specific sizes, but overall, size is about displaying information at a given range. For a business near a highway, the size of letters and numbers on the sign will be dictated by the distance to the highway.

Similar considerations impact every aspect of a sign’s size. Fortunately, our experts can take these things into consideration and make size calculations that ensure your outdoor business signs are up to the task.

Choosing the Type of Outdoor Sign

Of course, there are many different outdoor signs for business. You can look into pylon signs, monument signs, box signs, and a whole lot more.

Two things can help you pick the right type of sign: location and size.

Since you figured out the right size for your sign in the design phase, picking the sign type is mostly a matter of location.

Something large like a monument sign needs an appropriate amount of space in order to exist. Smaller signs can be mounted right on the storefront. Each other design comes with its own needs and limitations.

Choosing the type of custom outdoor business sign is usually pretty easy when you have gone through all of the other steps.

If you’re ready to get your custom outdoor sign designed and fabricated for your business, contact Legacy Signs of Texas today. We install signs throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth area, and we look forward to hearing from you.

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