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What Is a Fascia Sign?

For a business, when it comes to marketing and design, there are a lot of options out there. Arguably one of the most important advertising pieces though is a good, solid sign.

Signs not only state the name of a business but should also advertise a company’s goods and/or services. Signs are an immediate reflection of the professionalism of a business and also help direct customers to the correct place. A good sign will have a direct impact on customers and clients walking through the door.

A popular type of signage design is a fascia sign.

Fascia signs, as the name suggests, are attached to a building’s fascia. This is the part of the building directly under the roofline that runs the entire horizontal width of a building above all doors and windows. These signs can also be referred to as “wall signs.”

Fascia signs are outside signs. They can actually be created large enough to cover the entire fascia of a building and are highly visible and attractive. Fascia signs are usually flat signs that do not stick out very far, and they are meant to be installed flush against the side of the building.

In some cases, a fascia sign might even be able to be painted directly on a building, depending on the exterior material and approval. Fascia signs can be illuminated or unilluminated and, depending on the city, owner, or permits granted, might be limited in terms of size or height.

Benefits of a Fascia Sign

The huge benefit of a fascia sign is its sheer size. Customers and clients will be hard-pressed to miss a business being advertised with a sign high off the ground and spanning the width of the storefront (or at least a big portion depending on budget and preferences).

Fascia signs are seen from far away, and they are large enough to be clear for consumers who are in their cars or walking around. If a company is located in a crowded business complex, a fascia sign can ensure a storefront is not missed or overlooked.

Fascia signs can leave a lot of room for logo design and are big enough to usually include not only a business’s name, but also a motto or catchphrase. They are extremely versatile, can be a variety of different colors, and can have lighting or illumination components included easily.

For new businesses starting out, fascia signs can be a critical component to attracting first-time customers and having your brand recognized in a new location.

Other Types of Signs

Depending on the type of business, personal style, and marketing goals, a fascia sign might be combined with another type of exterior signage. Or a fascia sign might not be the correct choice for this, that, or whatever reason.

There are many types of signs that can be attached to and installed on the exterior of a building:

  • Awning Signs. These actually fall under the umbrella of fascia signs, but they extend a little further from a building to provide an actual shelter. Awning signs tend to jut out above a doorway to block customers from the elements and pull someone into a space.
  • Canopy Signs. These also fall under the greater category of fascia signs and, like an awning, extend out further from the side of a building. These signs are not meant to provide shelter like an awning, but they are unique and stand out. A popular type of canopy sign is a marque.
  • Projecting Signs. These are also known as “blade signs” or “flag-mounted signs.” These signs actually protrude out from the side of a building and have logos/branding on both sides for maximum visibility. These signs are typically used for businesses located in the city or downtown areas where there is a lot of foot traffic and businesses are close together.
  • Roof Signs. These signs are attached to the roof of a building instead of its sides. Roof signs are typically seen on very large buildings in areas with lots of visibility and space. The DFW Metroplex is a popular area for roof signs because of how spread out major businesses can be.
  • Window Signs. As the name suggests, these signs are attached or applied to a window of a storefront. They can also be attached to or applied to a glass door of a business. Many times, window signs are used as additional advertising or include information like days and hours of operation because they can be smaller.

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