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With experience in business, sales, and marketing, the owners of Legacy Signs of Texas understand the importance of signs. Choosing the right sign extends your brand and provides a customer’s first impression of your business. Plus, signs can grab the attention of people passing by and bring in new customers. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service. We have grown quickly, first buying a small sign shop and then adding two more sign companies that have added manufacturing and service to our capabilities. We now offer a one-stop-shop with a full crew. We are ready to help your business shine with a great sign.

Types of Signs We Provide to Denton Businesses

We serve a huge variety of Denton businesses. We make church signs, apartment signs, business signs, dealership signs, hospital signs, school signs, and more. With so many different types of signs available, we work with you to make the best decision for your individual circumstance. Here are the different types of signs that we manufacture. 

High-Quality Sign Design and Fabrication

We will work with you to design just the sign you are looking for. We can help determine the best design, size, and materials for the project. Everything can be customized to feature your logo, image, or desired message. Once we have the design all ready to go, we will get to work fabricating your sign. We have completed many sign projects, and all our clients have been pleased with the results. 

Dependable Denton Sign Installation and Repair

Once your sign is fabricated, our team will install your sign in Denton. Relying on professionals to install your sign is just as important as the design and fabrication process. We make sure that all signs are in compliance with any landlord or city requirements. We have a large fleet of vehicles ready to work on any job and maintain a safe working environment. After your sign is installed, we are available to repair or perform maintenance on your sign. This can be done within days, not weeks. We know how important a fully functioning sign is to your business. 

Check out our work and our long list of happy customers. If you are ready to design a new sign for your business in Denton, get a quote online or give us a call at (817) 398-3206 in Fort Worth or (214) 434-7777 in Dallas.

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