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Enhance Your Visibility With A Monument Sign

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Do you have a business buried in a business park with other companies? Are you trying to enhance your company’s visibility? Then you could benefit from a monument sign! Using sturdy architecture and attractive lettering and graphic designs, Legacy Signs of Texas can help companies in the DFW area really stand out from the crowd!

The Benefits of a Movement Sign

A monument sign is a freestanding structure that sits on the ground, usually at the entrance to a business park or building, and is easily visible to passing cars and pedestrians. They’re visible, but offer a low profile too, so you have an effective and classy means of letting people know your location. You can stand out and these can be customized to showcase your name and logo. They offer a number of benefits for businesses big and small. Firest, they enhance your visibility and catch the eyes of those passing by. Usually affixed to a brick base, these are also very durable and can withstand the weather and other stresses, staying fresh and lasting longer than other signs, which can fade and become damaged in a few short years. They offer multiple options for customization, which means they can be designed to reflect your building’s structure and esthetics.

Choosing the Best Options for You

As we’ve mentioned, these can be customized to fit a specific aesthetic and even match your building or office park. We often create them from brick or stone, which is very durable and the basic look matches with a wide array of logos and letterings. We also have wooden monument signs for a traditional and rustic look. Aluminum and metal can offer a sleek and memorable design. We can even use wrought iron and woods for post or panel options, and we even offer a masonry selection too!


With Legacy Signs of Texas, we can handle every aspect of the process. You don’t need to find local fabricators, we can create your signage in-house. We then install for you! Our team can offer a sturdy installation that anchors your new monument sign into the ground right the first time. We also offer full-service repair should they become damaged in an accident or due to a severe weather event. We take pride in our ability to quickly install and repair the monuments we create for our customers, so they don’t have to take on additional concerns and worries. You have a business to run, why not leave the signs to us?

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If you want to help enhance your business or building’s ability to be noticed, then contact Legacy Signs of Texas. You can reach us at our 7923 E McKinney St location in Denton, TX, by calling 888-779-2317.


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