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Pylon vs. Monument Signs

Every business needs a good sign to make it perfectly clear that a potential customer is in the right place. Sometimes, however, that is easier said than done. Picking perfect signage isn’t always simple. There are many choices to make, and you can’t be an expert in signs on top of everything else you have to manage.

Help is available. With a few tips, you can learn about the leading types of business signs and what they offer. Right now, you can learn all you need to know about monument signs and pylon signs. Is one of them right for your business? You’re about to find out.

What Is a Monument Sign?

The short answer is that a monument sign is a big sign that’s located close to the ground. They are typically large and wide and are designed to be seen from the road. They can be store signs that let you know where you are shopping. They can be neighborhood or subdivision signs that welcome you in. Or they can be used at the roadside entrance of a church or school parking lot.

When you need a large, wide sign, a monument sign is a good place to start.

What Is a Pylon Sign?

A pylon sign is another type of large sign that is easily seen from a distance. There is a clear distinction between a pylon sign and a monument sign. Pylon signs are mounted up in the air on pylons (tall poles), whereas monument signs are typically mounted on the ground, on a slab of some kind. This distinction means that monument signs are around 8-12 feet in height, where while pylon signs need to be at least 20 feet and can be as tall as you want or need.

Here’s an easy example to help you think about it. A monument sign is what you see when you pull up to a golf course. It’s on the ground and proudly displays the name of the country club.

Pylon signs are what you usually see for stores and restaurants, especially if you’re on the highway or a major road. They are tall and stand out to let customers know what’s located there.

Choosing Between the Two

In either case, you get a big sign. But how do you choose? Your circumstances will help you make an informed decision, so let’s explore some common cases.


Zoning is a major consideration for your signage. In many cases, local regulations can limit your sign options. You might have a height limit or for the signs.

Even when regulations aren’t a direct issue, you still want your sign to match the environment. A subdivision of nice homes would be marred by a giant pylon sign advertising the nearby convenience store. Instead, a monument sign can match the aesthetic and be slightly more subtle.


In a reverse situation, zoning might not be a problem at all, but it could be informative. In industrial zones, you might be competing with more and larger signs. You might need the height of the pylon sign to be visible at all. In such a case, the decision is made for you. A good pylon sign is your best choice.


All things considered, monument signs are a bit tougher than pylon signs. Pylon signs are no slouch and can stand up to severe weather. But if they’re up against frequent high winds, the signs are going to suffer a lot more than with a monument that is built on a concrete or stone base. If you are most concerned with longevity, monument signs will likely edge out the competition.


Simply put, you have more aesthetic choices with a monument sign than a pylon sign. While the signs themselves can be virtually anything, the foundations for the sign types matter too. There is only so much you can do to be decorative with pylons. You can pick a color, but all pylon sign foundations (i.e. poles) look a bit alike.

With monument signs, you have more room for creativity. You can base them on natural stone. You can opt for colored concrete. You can choose a number of other bases that complement your sign and provide a wide range of options that can make your sign eye-catching in all the right ways. And they’re low to the ground, so they don’t block your sightline like a pylon sign would.

Whether you need a monument sign, a pylon sign, or another type of sign entirely, Legacy Signs of Texas can help. We’ve been making signs for decades, and we can use all of our experience to help you pick and design the perfect sign, no matter your signage requirements. We’ll make it ourselves, and then we’ll install it professionally. It all starts when you contact us to let us know what you need. We’ll help you through every step from there and make certain that you have amazing signage. Find us online or call us at 817-398-3206.

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