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Why You Need a Custom Sign

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Every business needs signage. It’s inevitable. A storefront needs exterior signs that identify the building and let people know where to go. Interior signage is also important. Exits have to be labeled. Bathrooms are better off marked. Products and services should probably be marked and tagged to help customers make their choices.

The role of signs in any business is massive and often overlooked. It’s why so many businesses fail to capitalize on the opportunities that are baked into signage. The simple fact is that customizing your signage allows you to be particular and specific with how you communicate. When you make the most of those communication opportunities, you’ll reap the benefits. Below are six such benefits that will show you why you need a custom sign for your business in DFW.

Boost Foot Traffic

The primary reason to have signage is to let people know where you are and what is happening with your business. Custom signs allow you to display your brand name and logo in highly visible ways. This helps customers find you and know why they should enter the premises.

Good custom signs boost foot traffic into the store. It’s hard to argue for anything more valuable than foot traffic for a storefront business.

Convey Information

Custom signs convey information in a few important ways. First, you convey the essential information that is on the sign. Maybe it’s your business name that lets people know they’re in the right place. Maybe it’s displaying a sale or special offer. Whatever the case, you are directly communicating to customers with your sign.

There’s a second component of communication at play. The customization of your sign allows you to express things about your business indirectly. The fonts, colors, logos, and other design elements all present your company and its style to the people who see the sign. This indirect communication is also important.

Distinguish Your Business

Your business is not the only one out there. You have competition. Sometimes that competition is direct. Another business in your direct industry might be located within eyesight of your storefront.

This is a recipe for competition!

But even if you have the only pet store in the minimall, you’re still competing with everything else in the area for people’s attention. Your customized sign allows you to distinguish yourself. That helps you win the war for attention, which in turn reinforces all of these other benefits.

Drive Sales

Custom signs can be used to inform customers about special offers and sales. It’s a common practice to sell a product for a limited time. (McDonald’s McRib is a case study on this type of marketing.) Another technique is to slash prices for a short time.

You might also introduce a new service or any other transactional changes that you want to convey to your customers. Signs help you do that, and when they are used correctly, they help to drive sales as a result of your promotions and marketing attempts. A sign that drives sales pays for itself many times over.

Message Efficiently

When your sign is customized, you can make it versatile. You can make a sign that can change its messaging as needed. You can have compound signs that tell customers more than one thing. The possibilities really are endless when it comes to creative design.

The opportunity here is that you can use creative design to optimize your messaging. When you do that, the sign becomes more cost-effective and presents more efficient messaging. This helps to improve the return on investment that goes into your signage.

Enjoy Work

Here’s the final hidden benefit of a custom sign. It’s a creative outlet. It’s easy to let running your business use up your creative faculties. Having things like sign creation that stimulate and demand your creativity can help you find a little spark or some much-needed mojo. You can use your sign as an opportunity to enjoy some of your work that might go stale over time. It’s not a life-changing experience, but any opportunity that allows you to have a little fun and expression at work is a nice bonus.

For all of these reasons and many more, you need custom signs for your business in DFW. In order to make that happen, you need access to design experts and sign fabricators. You will find both at Legacy Signs of Texas. We are a dedicated, focused company. Everything we do is geared towards making the best signs possible, and we can leverage all of our resources toward the creation of your custom sign. Contact us today and take advantage of our experience and passion for sign creation.

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