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What Is a Blade Sign?

Every storefront needs a sign. How else will customers know that they have found the right place? When storefronts are in shopping districts or centers, they can lack space for great signage, and that makes it difficult to put up a beautiful custom sign that draws attention and increases traffic. This is exactly why custom sign designers have spent so many years improving on concepts and developing a type of sign for every location.

In the case of limited space and high foot traffic, the sign of choice is usually a blade sign. It’s not as massive and bulky as a monument sign, and it’s easier to see than a facade sign. It’s the best of several worlds and is perfect for increasing traffic into your storefront.

What Is a Blade Sign?

Generally speaking, a blade sign is a sign that protrudes from the facade of a building. They are typically thin (hence the name), but they don’t technically have to be thin. The defining characteristic of a blade sign is that it is attached directly to the building (or wall) and protrudes perpendicular to the building (instead of being mounted directly on the side). Sticking out this way makes it easy for pedestrians to see the sign as they traverse a walkway.

It is very common to see blade signs in a shopping plaza. In this case, blade signs mark individual stores and shops.

The Purpose of a Blade Sign

All signs exist for communication. They are there to tell people something. For a blade sign, the communication is usually aimed at marking a place of business in a location that doesn’t have a lot of room. That’s why you see them in shopping centers and downtown areas.

In most cases, a blade sign shows people the main entrance to a storefront, but that isn’t their only use. Blade signs can be used for exit signs, bathroom signs, and other informational messages.

When used correctly, blade signs can direct and even drive foot traffic where you want it to go — which is often into your store to boost business. At a minimum, the sign will help people find what they are looking for with less trouble.

Variety in Blade Signs

More often than not, blade signs are fairly small, flat, and minimalist. That design is where they get the name. On such signs, colors are usually simple in order to make the words pop. They’ll be easier to see and read from a distance.

While that is the most common usage and design in a blade sign, it is not the limit. They can come in any size. They can be double-sided, and they can have custom shapes. They can be three-dimensional, illuminated, and made from any number of materials. Blade signs embrace creativity.

The only necessity is for the blade to project from the facade of the building — otherwise, it’s not technically a blade sign!

Who Uses Blade Signs?

Anyone can use a blade sign. They aren’t regulated signage. You can use a blade sign to mark anything you want, but they tend to get the most benefit when they are used for a specific purpose. You want to place them perpendicular to the flow of foot traffic. That’s what makes them so visible, and when they are visible to large numbers of people, they gain value.

This is why downtown businesses use them so frequently. You usually have a lot of pedestrians in the area who will see the sign. Similarly, outdoor shopping centers and indoor shopping malls are great places for blade signs. Sidewalks, beaches, boardwalks, and any other locations with heavy foot traffic are great places to use blade signs.

There’s a good chance that your business would benefit from a blade sign. If you want to explore your creativity in a way that drives business and helps your bottom line, work with professional sign designers and fabricators. We can help you turn your idea into reality, and we’ll work with you every step of the way. Whether you need a blade sign or a different type of signage, you can get it all at Legacy Signs of Texas.

Contact Legacy Signs of Texas online or call us at 817-398-3703 today to get started. You’ll be amazed at the options available to you and how much they can help your business.

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