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Types of Indoor Signage

When you own a business, implementing both indoor and outdoor signage is incredibly important. While exterior signage helps draw in customers, interior signage helps give those folks important information about your brand, where they can find what they need, and more.

What kinds of interior signs might your business need? Here are four types of indoor signage you may want to consider implementing, along with some design ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

ADA Signs

Not all businesses are required to have accessibility signage per the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations. But even if your business isn’t required to have these signs, including them in your building can be hugely helpful to any visitors who can benefit from knowing about handicap-accessible rooms and areas.

Per federal regulations, ADA signage must be installed at the entrance to permanent rooms and spaces (as in, spaces that will serve the same function for seven days or longer) indicating designations for those areas.

That means, restrooms, floor numbers, exam rooms, storage rooms, conference rooms, and several other types of areas should have ADA-compliant signage indicating their permanent function. Those signs may need to have pictograms or tactile elements like braille that allow individuals with various disabilities to better navigate a given area.

In terms of getting creative here, you may or may not have options, depending on federal ADA regulations for your building. For more information on the appropriate way to implement this signage, check out the US Access Board’sGuide to the ADA Accessibility Standards.

Lobby Signs

Eye-catching signage in the entrance area of your business helps give visitors, customers, and clients more confidence in your operation. Attractive signage not only lets visitors know they’re in the right place — especially if your business is located in a building with several other businesses — but also helps position you as an authority in your industry.

What’s the best way to implementlobby signage? Ideally, you’ll want to position it in an area where people can immediately see it from the moment they walk in your door. And you’ll also want to design the signage so it aligns with your brand’s color scheme and overall feel.

While your sign design will depend on your unique business and your vision for it, some popular lobby signage types include 3D signs, digital and LED signs, and metal or acrylic signs.

Directional Signage

If your business has more than one room, chances are you’ll want to implement at least a couple of directional signs to let people know where they can find various rooms. Wayfinding signage is an absolute must for any office building with numerous rooms, and even in smaller buildings, wayfinding signage can be hugely helpful for helping visitors locate restrooms and other must-have areas.

If your building is quite large, you may want to implement map signage to help visitors navigate the space, as well as plaques indicating what each room and floor is for. It’s also a good idea to reinforce your business’s branding on each sign by choosing design elements that align with your brand’s color scheme, logo design, and overall style.

Wall Graphics

Whether it’s a logo graphic, a giant piece of art that represents your brand, or even just a few well-placed words that speak to your company’s values, wall graphics can transphorm blank, boring paint into something truly spectacular. And if you’re looking to enhance the interior design of your space, this type of signage can help you get the job done with ease.

Often, wall graphics are fashioned from vinyl, but you can choose other types of materials to create a work of visual art your visitors will appreciate. And when you work with a reputable and experienced sign design and fabrication company, the pros can give you recommendations on the ideal types of signage for your space.

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