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The Dallas/Ft.Worth Metroplex area is bustling with businesses, which means yours needs to stand out from the rest. Highly visible, modern and attractive signage is a key way to let your presence be known. However, if it’s only partially functioning or unable to be read in the dark, you’re likely to get passed by.

Even signs missing a letter or two or with lights out can confuse potential customers as to what you can offer them. Many sign businesses around the Dallas Metroplex will put a time quote of several weeks to repair broken commercial signs—especially those crafted by another company. However, Legacy Signs of Texas can typically have you up and running again in days, whether we fabricated the sign or not!

Types of Signs Legacy Can Repair & Maintain

Here at Legacy Signs of Texas, we have the skills and know-how to handle signs of all shapes, sizes and heights. Some of the most common sign types we receive requests for repairs and upgrades from businesses and industries include:

We can even convert neon signs to energy-efficient LED signs with ease. However, we can make your signage standout from competitors and ensure it receives maximum views from passersby, and our design team is ready to help!

Common Ways Signage Gets Damaged

Depending on the type and location of your signs, they can be damaged in a number of ways. Street side monument mounts or directional pole signs can be bumped into by automobiles or fall pray to vandalism. We can rebuild these quickly and can come out and pressure wash away graffiti incidences fast.

They can be damaged due to acts of nature, like tornadoes, hurricanes, hail and other severe storms. Natural reactions to the vast amount of sunlight we receive in the Dallas/Ft. Worth region can result in colors fading, diminishing retroreflective traits and premature breakdown of certain sign materials.

Our professionals understand the sense of urgency that business owners feel when addressing these issues—especially in cases of unsightly and potential offensive graffiti. Even if your sign was bought from us, you’ll receive top-notch repairs fast! Here’s a bit more about what to expect during the process of getting guaranteed sign repairs with Legacy.

Make the Call to Legacy

Making the call to Legacy Signs of Texas promotes your legacy in the community. Being seen helps ensure a lasting presence! When you contact us about your malfunctioning or broken business sign, our priority is to come out and evaluate the issue as quickly as possible. With eyes on the issues, our skilled technicians can run some tests and narrow down the exact problem and prepare to make repairs.

The Repair Process

The problem you may be experiencing with your business signs could be physical or electrical in nature. Repairs could be as simple as replacing a few bulbs or LED strips. On the flip side, the sockets or system connections could be the source of issues. We have teams experienced at handling it all. The same goes with external damage. We can re-fabricate part or all of the signs, and have pressure washing techniques that can rapidly remove spray paint and other stubborn debris. Should we encounter an issue we can’t handle, we work with a number of local DFW professionals that we can get assistance from.

The Final Inspection

After the work is completed, Legacy Signs of Texas isn’t done yet. We guarantee that you will be satisfied and back up the results with a generous warranty for your protection and to ease your mind. This is why we send out skilled workers to double check your signs and ensure they are operating to the level of perfection you want and expect after repairs or installation. We won’t be happy until we exceed your expectations and are ready to sign off on the completion.

Choose Legacy Signs of Texas for Sign Repairs in DFW

Do you need one or more signs repaired in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area? Are you interested in having a consultation with a sign pro about having signs for your business manufactured or upgraded? We’ve got you covered!

We are the “go to” choice for savvy business owners across the Metroplex, Golden Triangle and North Texas. Contact Legacy Signs of Texas by phone at 888-445-1689 or fill out our short online form. We’ll get back to you ASAP to answer questions or set up a free consultation for a quote for sign repairs, design and fabrication and even installation.

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