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Texas Sign Regulations

Every business needs to advertise and direct customers to its storefront, and the best way to accomplish this is with a sign. Whether it is a bright LED/digital sign or a cabinet sign, Legacy Signs of Texas has the advice and plans to help you make the best decisions.

Perhaps you’ve heard that signs are difficult to get approval for or that your business is too small to have a professional sign? Signs drive more business toward a storefront, especially expertly made work that is built to showcase your professionalism. Let the pros at Legacy Signs of Texas work for you!

Things You Need to Know

If this is your first step into professional signage, there are a few things you need to know, such as your business’s zoning, the space you have for a sign, and the type of sign that would work best for you.


If you’ve considered the type of sign you may want to get, you need to consider zoning. Zoning is a regulatory tool used by cities to determine how land can be developed and used, such as assuring which certain land uses are allowed or prohibited, and other regulations. To check your zoning, you can use https://developmentweb.dallascityhall.com/publiczoningweb/.

In addition to zoning to see if your sign is permitted, there are other regulations you should look into, specifically for the Dallas area. For signs near roads, like billboards, the Highway Beautification Act and State Rural Roads Act have specifications for all commercial signs within 660 feet of the highway right of way.


There are some regulations regarding space that may prohibit the use of a monumental sign or possibly a pole/pylon sign for your business. Some of the Dallas Regulations include the sign’s requirement to fit into the character of the area you are working in, not interfere with the scenic views, nor nuisance adjacent/contiguous property with its brightness, size, height, or movement. The sign also must not inconvenience the public’s right-of-way or create negative issues with the property values. These regulations might seem difficult to navigate, but Legacy Signs of Texas is here to work through them with you.

Needing a Permit

The Texas Transportation Commission manages both licenses and permits, and you will require a “Commercial Sign Operator” license and a permit for the specific spot you want a sign, depending on where you want to put it. The Commercial Sign Operator’s license and the permit for each sign must be renewed yearly. Current costs for licenses and permits are posted on the Texas Department of Transportation site. If this seems intimidating, and you don’t feel comfortable, Legacy Signs of Texas can also help you gauge your needs and walk you through the process.

Types of Signs

When considering signs, think of where you are planning to bring traffic in from. Monument signs are excellent for complexes or businesses that occupy a large area. They are designed for low maintenance, although you will be required to maintain and landscape the area around the sign.

For a striking visual from a highway or interstate, a pole/pylon sign that stands over the traffic may suit you better, or you may prefer a LED/digital sign to advertise your specials or events.

Cabinet signs are resilient options for a storefront, providing backlit logos in sturdy metal boxes. They are the most typical type of sign for a storefront and are built to last through harsh weather and heat.

Benefits for Small Businesses

If you’re a small business and are looking over your options, please give Legacy Signs of Texas a call! An expertly made and installed sign can add a level of professionalism and credibility to your storefront. It can add a significant amount to traffic when paired with your excellent services. It is an investment that comes back to you, whether it’s a cabinet sign or a LED/digital sign.

What’s the difference?

If you currently have a sign and logo, a new enhancement by our skilled artists can assist you in modernizing your look. Own a bar or other service-driven company? The LED/digital signs can help announce your events or your specials. Amplify your style and make it more visible from the roads and highways! Create a fresh image backed by your excellent services!

No room for a pole/pylon or monument signs? You may want to look into a fantastic blade sign or possibly a sturdy cabinet sign for a refreshing new look.

Have an older neon sign? Consider converting it to an LED sign. LEDs consume less energy for lower electricity bills. They also run cooler while lasting longer than neon lights.

Overall, when considering a new sign or replacing a new sign, you need to consider your zoning, space, and regulations. There are now so many ways to create an interesting sign to give your business a new look and bring in more traffic. Contact Legacy Signs of Texas to see what we can do for you!

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