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Small Business Sign Ideas

Road sign on the post. Walking and cycling area. Bicycle and pedestrian lane road sign on pole post, blue

If you conduct business at a storefront, you need a sign for that storefront. Even registered businesses that don’t fall into that category, like nonprofits and churches, still need identifying signs. You want the people who are looking for you to be able to easily find you. That’s where small business signs come in.

There are countless different types of signs that can sit outside and act as a beacon for everyone who wants to come to your location. Some of the most common are listed below. We’ll explain what each sign style is and how it thrives. When you’re done, you’ll understand which signs are best for small businesses, and you can pick a sign that is sure to help you boost the traffic into the store and your associated revenue. Reach out to Legacy Signs of Texas in DFW for these small business signs.

Channel Letters

Channel letters are large, three-dimensional letters that dominate a storefront. They are modern and make a bold statement that lets everyone know who you are, where you are, and what you are about.

Channel letters can be made in many ways. You can pick out the font and colors that are perfect for your business, and you can combine options to make a unique style that is all yours.

Channel letters are at their best when you have a wide storefront that can be seen from a distance. The bold letters will help customers find you, and the signage can boost foot traffic along with revenue.

Awning Signs

Awning signs serve the same purposes as channel letters, but they do so in completely different ways. Awning signs fulfill a completely different aesthetic than channel letters, and they can conform to a wider range of storefronts. While channel letters need a lot of space, awning signs can match your storefront, whether it is large or small.

The main draw of awning signs is that they look classy. If you want to convey a sense of style and grace to your customers, a well-designed awning sign can achieve that goal. You can plan an awning sign that matches the company’s aesthetic and put it in front of your store to attract more business.

Blade Signs

Blade signs technically still serve the purpose of labeling your storefront, but they do so in a dramatically different way than most other storefront signs. Blade signs stick out away from the building, so the information can only be seen when you are walking perpendicular to the entrance.

They are ideal for shopping centers and high pedestrian areas. They allow people on the sidewalk and browsing the center to easily see your storefront. The blade sign identifies your shop while taking up very little space. Despite that, the sign can be highly visible, and it can be made in just about any visual style.

Pole Signs

Pole signs help to designate your store, but they get away from the front (usually). Pole signs are large, easy-to-see signs that normally sit on a large pole in the parking lot. Because they can be so large and placed so high, they are easy to spot from the road. While a blade sign might try to attract pedestrians, a pole sign is trying to reach car traffic.

Pole signs can be made in every visual style out there, so there is always a pole sign that matches the aesthetic and themes of your business. They simply do these things on a scale large enough to encourage more traffic into the parking lot.

Monument Signs

The last great sign for small businesses is the monument sign. These are signs that sit on large stone pedestals (that can also be made from metal, wood, or synthetic materials). Monument signs often sit close to the ground, so to make them visually accessible, they are usually placed on top of a small hill or another point of high ground.

Monument signs are common for marking subdivisions and apartment complexes. They tend to have a reserved, cool aesthetic that looks inviting. They are ideal for any business that is contained within a campus. Apartment complexes, churches, and any other businesses that aren’t in a highly industrialized part of town can benefit from a good monument sign.

There’s a great sign for every business. When you pick the right sign and nail the style, it will help generate traffic to your storefront and net you meaningful returns on your investment. When it comes to signage design, fabrication, installation, and maintenance in DFW, you can find everything you need at Legacy Signs of Texas. Contact us today to get started.

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