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New Company Logo? Put It On Your Business Sign!

A logo is very important to any business. If you are a new business or you have decided to rebrand and have a new company logo, it’s important to put it on your sign. Your logo will grab people’s attention. It will help you to be memorable and separate you from the competition. Plus, seeing your logo on your sign helps those trying to find your business from the road. Trust Legacy Signs of Texas for business signage that will put your company’s best foot forward.

Why You Need Your Logo on Your Sign

When people are driving around looking for your business, seeing your logo will help them find you. If your sign looks interesting and inviting, it may convince someone to stop by that wasn’t even looking for you.

Your sign helps you to distinguish your business from everyone else’s. Even if you are the only book store in the shopping center, you are still competing with the other businesses in the area. You can convey information with your logo and your sign, giving a reason for people to come in.

Most logos are interesting and unique and allow you to be creative. Show off that creativity on your sign. Get it out there for the world to see and impress current or future customers or clients.

Why Choose Us For Your Custom Sign

Our team at Legacy Signs of Texas has over 150 years of combined experience. We are a family-owned business and offer a warranty for all our signs. With us, you can find manufacturer-direct pricing. There is no middle man since we design, fabricate, and install all our signs.

When working with us, we offer a streamlined process to create the sign you need for your business. We gather all the information needed from you. We can create a sign from your idea, or our design team can work with you to create the perfect sign that incorporates your new logo.

We perform a site survey early on in the process to take measurements. We create a plan for installation and determine if there are any environmental impacts that could affect your sign design. After we gather all the needed information, we will provide you with an estimate.

We can take care of any permits required by the city and will be careful to follow any guidelines your location may require. Our fabrication team is incredibly talented and will create the sign to the exact specifications agreed upon with your designer.

When the time comes for installation, our team will take care of everything. We find a date that works for everyone and clean up the space when we are finished.

After installation, we take pictures of the completed project and we will not send a final invoice until you are happy. We strive for customer satisfaction and will also be there to help you maintain your sign.

Types of Signs We Offer

Each logo and location is unique. We offer a variety of signs to meet your needs. Work with our designer to talk about what type of sign might be best for your logo and your business’ needs. Here is a look at some of the possibilities that we offer:

Blade Signs

Blade signs generally hang and are attached to the facade of a building.

Cabinet Signs

A very popular choice, cabinet signs are highly visible, durable, and adaptable.

Channel Letter Signs

Channel letter signs are three-dimensional signs can be illuminated and are built to last. They are the most common sign that you will see used for a business sign and can display your company name and logo.

LED/Digital Signage

LED signs can be attached to buildings, pole signs, or monument signs. If you want to be able to flash your logo as well as other business information, this could be a good choice.

Monument Signs

Monument signs are incredibly tough and are usually made with stone or brick bases. These can be easily customized to feature your company logo as well as any other information you wish to convey.

Pole and Pylon Signs

Very popular for businesses and organizations, pole and pylon signs are large and can be seen from quite a distance. When your logo is featured on a pole and pylon sign, it will be easy for customers to find you.

Contact Us Today to Design a Sign Featuring Your New Logo

It’s exciting to decide on a new logo for your business. Your logo can attract new customers, help people find your building, and express your creativity. We can help you design the perfect sign for your business that features your new logo. Request a quote on our website or call 888-445-1689.

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