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Neon vs. LED Business Signs | Legacy Signs of Texas


Lit signs have emerged as an invaluable asset for many businesses over the years. Neon signs have provided a classic look that catches the eye and helps portray business messaging. In more recent times, LED signs have proven able to serve that same function.

Since you have access to both technologies, there’s an obvious question: Which is better? We’re going to break down the pros and cons of neon and LED signs to see what advantages they hold over each other and which would be the superior sign for your business.

Neon Signs

Neon signs are a classic for businesses. They have been around for more than 50 years, and for all of that time, they have been an amazing tool for capturing attention and drumming up foot traffic. They display important information in color, and especially at night, they can turn heads. When people investigate the interesting sign, you get more foot traffic, and everyone wins. They have been the gold standard for this use for many, many years, and over that time, the pros and cons of neon signs have become clear.


Neon signs capture attention. That is by far their greatest asset. The colors are bright and interesting, and people notice. On top of that, neon lights are more efficient than many other forms of light, and the bulbs can last for years at a time. That is why neon has been used over other lighting sources for so long.


This is not a new or cutting-edge technology. While neon outperforms many light sources, there are newer, better sources available. There are brighter, more colorful lights that use less energy and last longer. To put it bluntly, anything that neon can do, LEDs can do better. Neon signs are outdated, and understanding why is important.

LED Signs

LEDs are the new way to create backlighting and brighten business signs. The technology has been around for a few decades now. And over the last 10 years, it has become cheap to manufacture, and LEDs have taken over everything. LED lights can achieve any color or combination. They can be customized to present information however you like, and for those reasons, they are now the chief way to make lighted signage.


LEDs outperform other light sources. They are brighter while consuming less energy. They run cool. You can hold an LED that has been on for hours in your hand. Even though LEDs are brighter and more efficient, they cost less to make than most other light sources, and they last substantially longer. A typical LED light source can easily last for tens of thousands of hours of operation. Neon lights usually cap at around 10,000 hours. A single LED light source can run for hours a day and be fine for more than a decade.


LED signs have no cons. Really. This is a rare case where the new technology is better in every way. LEDs are the very best light source that you can find right now, and for all of their advantages, they cost less. They cost less to produce, and they cost less to run. They last longer, produce virtually no excess heat, are substantially less fragile, and are much easier to install. It’s an all-around win for LEDs.

Converting Neon to LED

Since this is a clear-cut case where one type of sign is better than the other, it’s important to be able to upgrade to the superior technology. Neon signs can be converted to LED. Doing so allows you to perfectly match the original aesthetic, or you can upgrade the look if you like. You can update the light source of your sign, or you can replace it entirely with an LED upgrade. The choice is up to you, but this new technology is extremely accessible.

If you want to replace neon or improve your signage by incorporating LEDs, you can get customizable service from Legacy Signs of Texas. We design and fabricate signs right here in Dallas/Fort Worth. You can skip shipping times and other hassles. We’ll work with you to make the exact signage that you want, and we’ll handle the installation as well. Call us today to get started.

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