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Custom Sign Design, Fabrication & Installation in Garland, TX

In the bustling world of business, standing out from the crowd can make all the difference. And nothing makes a statement quite like a great sign. At Legacy Signs of Texas, we specialize in creating high-quality, custom signs that will help your Garland business catch the eye of potential customers and leave a lasting impression. From standard channel letter signs to indoor signage and monument signs, we offer a range of options to suit your needs and help your business thrive. Our speedy fabrication, installation, and service mean that you can get the signs you need without any hassle or delay. If you’re looking to make a statement and set your business apart from the rest, Legacy Signs of Texas is here to help. Contact us today to get a custom sign fabricated for your Garland business.

Types of Signs We Provide to Garland Businesses

At Legacy Signs of Texas, we understand the importance of having a standout sign for your Garland business. That’s why we offer a wide range of sign types to suit your needs and help you attract customers.

One type of sign we provide is blade signs, which are mounted perpendicular to the building and are typically used for storefronts or locations where building signage is limited. Cabinet signs, on the other hand, are larger, box-shaped signs that can be illuminated or non-illuminated and are great for businesses that want to make a bold statement.

Channel letter signs are another popular choice, with standard channel letter signs, reverse channel letter signs, and dual-lit channel letter signs all available. These signs are typically made with aluminum or vinyl frames and LED lighting to create eye-catching and easily visible signage.

For businesses looking to make an impression indoors, we offer interior signs such as lobby and logo signs. These signs can be customized to your specific needs and can help create a professional and inviting atmosphere for your customers.

LED and digital signage is another option we offer, which can provide dynamic and attention-grabbing displays for your business. And for businesses looking to create a lasting impression from the street, we offer monument signs and pole/pylon signs, which can help direct traffic and create a memorable presence.

No matter what type of sign you need, Legacy Signs of Texas can provide fast and reliable fabrication, installation, and service to ensure your business stands out in the competitive Garland market.

High-Quality Sign Design and Fabrication

We pride ourselves on providing high-quality sign design and fabrication services to businesses in Garland and the surrounding areas. Our process begins with a consultation to understand your business’s needs, branding, and style. From there, our team of expert designers will work with you to create a custom sign that perfectly represents your business and catches the attention of potential customers.

Once the design is finalized, we move on to fabrication, using the latest technology and equipment to create a sign that meets our exacting standards for quality and durability. Our team of skilled craftsmen will ensure that every detail of your sign is perfect, from the materials used to the finishing touches.

Dependable Garland Sign Installation and Repair

Installation is the next step in the signage process, and our experienced installers will make sure your sign is safely and securely mounted, using the appropriate equipment and techniques for the specific type of sign and location.

But our commitment to our customers doesn’t end there. We also offer ongoing sign maintenance and repair to ensure your sign continues to look great and function properly. Whether you need a bulb replaced, a repair made, or simply a cleaning, our team is always available to keep your sign in top condition.

At Legacy Signs of Texas, we understand that your sign is a reflection of your business, and we take pride in providing high-quality design, fabrication, installation, and service to ensure that your business stands out and attracts customers. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help your Garland business succeed.

Recent Sign Projects in Garland

We have completed numerous sign projects in the Garland area for many different types of businesses. We have worked on indoor and outdoor signs in our five different fabrication styles. Some of our recent happy customers include:


With such a nationally recognized brand, crafting a sign for a new franchise can be a daunting task. With Legacy Signs of Texas’ expertise and professional servicemen, however, such a project can be swiftly and easily completed. This new franchise location for the national cellular service company knew that Legacy Signs of Texas would live up to their name and fabricate and install their business’s new signs quickly and by the deadline. The results of this completed project can be seen at the new MetroPCS Wireless location in the 1400 block of Castle Drive in Garland, Texas.

Visit Metro PCS and view our work at 1438 Castle Dr, Garland, TX 75040

Posh Vapors

E-cigarettes and “vaping” is a new, niche-market business opportunity, and for enterprising business owners, this opportunity is one to get in on. Posh Vapors is a locally-owned and operated company, founded by former smokers of traditional cigarettes who switched to vaping, a slightly less unhealthy alternative. By providing a friendly and professional store environment, Posh Vapors is bringing this alternative to traditional smoking to the Dallas and Garland areas. Posh Vapors’ logo included a highly detailed and stylized avian crest, with the “PV” initials of the company embossed over the bird’s chest. The visually pleasing results of Legacy Signs of Texas’ work can be seen at Posh Vapors’ location in the 5100 block of North President George Bush Highway, in Garland, Texas.

Visit Posh Vapor and view our work at 5125 N President George Bush Highway #200, Garland, TX 75040

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