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Monument Sign vs. Pylon Sign

Sometimes, you need a big, bold sign to let people know where you are. This is true for all kinds of business locations, but signs are important in other avenues as well. A specialized neighborhood might want to display its name with pride. A downtown plaza might want the name of the building in a spot that is easy to read.

The applications are endless, but when you need a big sign, there are a few viable options. Two of the most popular options are monument signs and pylon signs. If you’re deciding between these options, this breakdown of monument signs vs pylon signs may help you choose.

What Is a Monument Sign?

Have you ever driven into a nice neighborhood, maybe near a country club, and saw a big sign on the ground that named the area? That was a monument sign, and it’s a pretty perfect example of what they are and how they work.

Monument signs are large signs that are usually built into the ground (or a wall or something else substantial). They typically mark a location, and they are often designed to be very aesthetic and easy on the eyes. The key feature to consider is that they aren’t hanging from a building or sitting on top of some kind of pole.

What Is a Pylon Sign?

Meanwhile, anytime you drive by a minimall or a business with a large parking lot, there’s a good chance that you see a pylon sign. These are large signs, designed to be seen at a distance, that are mounted on top of large pole structures.

They’re usually highly visible and convey some type of business-related information. A pylon sign can simply carry a store logo, or it can include a marquee for changing information. There are a lot of possibilities. The key is that the sign is designed like a pylon — meaning it sits on top of large, tall poles (or just one big pole).

What Are the Key Differences Between the Two?

If you’re not sure which of these signs would better suit your needs, then you can consider the key differences between the two. Sure, the structural differences matter, but those can change how the signs are made, how much they cost, what information they convey, how they look, and how they are best used. So let’s get into all of that to see which sign might be best for you.


Monument signs are usually made out of stone, brick, concrete, or wood. They’re very substantial and heavy, but that’s OK because they sit directly on the ground.

Meanwhile, pylon signs can be made from a number of materials. While they might be made out of concrete, they are more often made from metal or plastic, and sometimes you’ll find signs made from other materials. Pylon signs don’t exactly have to be lightweight. The large pole structures are strong, but they aren’t meant to be as dense and thick as a monument sign.

General Use

Usually, a pylon sign is going to be much higher and more visible than a monument sign. You can put monument signs on top of hills or walls to improve their visibility, but pylon signs are regularly 10 feet or more above the ground.

As a result, pylon signs are used to attract attention, typically from the road. The idea is that you can identify a storefront by the pylon sign while you’re still a ways off. That’s really the function. The pylon signs are helping you to navigate or spot a store with ease.

Monument signs are usually less overt. They’re still easy to see, but because they aren’t as high, you can’t spot them from as far. Monument signs are more frequently used to mark locations that don’t need to attract visitors from the main road. Subdivisions, country clubs, and other locations are often identified by monument signs, but they are all places that don’t require foot traffic for success.


On average, pylon signs are more expensive. That’s because they’re more complicated to design, build, and install. They’re hefty signs that are elevated on a pole structure. That’s not as easy as putting a monument sign on the ground.

Now, costs will depend on the materials used and the design of the sign, but all things being equal, you can expect a pylon sign to be as much as twice as expensive as a monument sign of the same size.

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Hopefully, that clarifies some of the key differences between these types of signs. If you’d like a more specific discussion with a genuine sign expert in Dallas/Fort Worth, then contact Legacy Signs of Texas today. We’ll discuss your needs and make sure you have everything you need to pick the right sign(s) for your location.

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