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Lighting Adds Dimension To Your Custom Signs

lighting sign denton txYou know the importance of having a quality sign to draw people in. Without the right design, you could turn people away, instead of creating the atmosphere that you need to be a successful company, whether you run a restaurant or a dental office. Your customers rely upon your signage to determine the quality of your business, and if things don’t look quite right, they might head directly to one of your competitors.

At Legacy Signs of Texas in Denton, TX, we understand the importance of having beautiful signage both inside and outside of your location, and adding lighting can help. By incorporating LED or fluorescent lighting to your signs, you can give your customers a warm and inviting place to turn their eye. This can also help with accessibility, as you want to be as visible as possible for the people who drive by your office every day. When you need to replace or upgrade your current signage solution, reach out to our team to learn more about your options!

Connect With Your Community With An LED Sign Upgrade

Sometimes, you might want to share more of a message than will fit on a traditional storefront or monument sign. With the development of high-quality LED signage, you have the opportunity to increase the amount of text and imagery, and this can be helpful in a number of ways. This means that you can share your latest promotion without having to depend on more permanent sign solutions like vinyl banners, which can wind up cluttering your office. Instead, simply change your text and update your sign.

With traditional signs, you would need to replace things whenever your phone number or website changes. This can become expensive (and a hassle), so talk to our team to learn more about how an LED sign can help you to keep your signage fresh and fun.

Have An Existing Sign? We Can Convert It To An LED Solution

If you don’t want to fully replace your sign, there is still an option that helps you to incorporate LED lighting. Our North Texas team can add a quality LED panel to your existing signage, which can help you to improve your stuffy monument sign. This is a popular solution for those who operate medical and dental offices, giving you more visibility and customization. Talk to our team about making that upgrade so that you can reach more new customers!

Find Out About Our Custom LED Signs At Legacy Signs Of Texas!

If you have been holding off on improving your signage, take this opportunity to make the change. To learn more about upgrading to a custom LED sign, give us a call today at Legacy Signs of Texas in Denton, TX at (888) 779-2317!

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