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How to Attract Customers

Owning a brick-and-mortar business means you must attract customers to keep your operation afloat. And while there are plenty of ways to get foot traffic in the door, putting up attractive signage is one of the top strategies you can implement to draw folks in.

At Legacy Signs of Texas, we might be a bit partial, but we know that well-designed signage can help attract customers to any business. We also know that attracting customers isn’t quite as simple as hanging out a sign and waiting for the foot traffic floodgates to open.

Whether you’re looking to implement signage for the first time or want to update your existing sign(s) to help bring more folks in the door, here’s how to attract customers using signage.

Pick the Proper Orientation and Sign Type

Take a look around your business to determine the best orientation for your signage. Are all of the buildings on the taller side? If so, a monument sign with a vertical orientation might suit your business well and make your sign easier for people to see.

If most of the signage around your business is oriented horizontally, then you may also want to choose a horizontal orientation to fit in with the vibe of your building’s location. Keep in mind, however, that your municipality may have regulations on signage orientation, so make sure you know local stipulations before you make a choice.

Choose the Right Colors and Illuminate

Select contrasting colors that make your sign easy to read, especially during daylight hours. While neon and multicolored hue combinations might seem attractive, they can be difficult on the eyes and challenging to see when the sun is out.

That said, eye-catching illumination is also important at night, especially if you run a business that operates after dark. Make sure your signage is bright enough that drivers and passersby can read it but not so bright and colorful that it’s difficult to decipher and tough on the eyes.

For cohesiveness, try to stick with the color palette you’ve already chosen for your business’s other marketing materials. That way, you’ll help solidify your branding in the minds of your customers, and it’ll be easy for people to recognize as they pass by your sign.

Make It Easy to Read

You want your sign’s copy to be large enough that passersby can easily read it from a distance. You also want the font to be simple enough that it’s easy to read. And if you’d like to include graphics, make sure they don’t interfere with the messaging you’re looking to convey.

Ultimately, you want your sign to be highly visible and easy for people to understand. If it’s too complicated or difficult on the eyes, passersby probably won’t give it the time of day. And as a result, they probably won’t be walking through the doors of your building either.

Simplify the Design

The simpler your sign looks, the easier it is for passersby to read it, and the more likely it becomes that people will actually pay attention to it.

While you might be tempted to try to communicate tons of information with a single sign, doing that likely won’t work. Drivers or pedestrians have only seconds to read your signage as they pass, and if they can’t read it quickly, they probably won’t read it at all.

Aside from making your sign simple to understand, it’s important to consider local regulations regarding signage. Many municipalities have restrictions surrounding signage size, color, height, lighting, and location, so the simpler your sign is, the lower your risk of violating a regulation you’re unaware of. And ultimately, the lower your likelihood of paying for a sign you won’t actually be able to use.

Size Your Sign Appropriately

If your sign is too small, drivers and passersby probably won’t see it. If it’s too large, it might look inappropriate or may even violate local signage stipulations. To determine sizing for your sign, try making mockups using large paper prints to see what the finished product could look like. That way, you can easily adjust the size to see what works for your business’s location and needs.

Working with an experienced sign design and fabrication team will also help you here. Not only are the pros familiar with local signage regulations, but they can also recommend sizing that’ll help attract customers to your location.

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