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How Big Does Your Business Sign Need to Be?

At Legacy Signs of Texas, we’re here to help. No matter the reason you’re considering a new sign for your business, one of the most important design factors you’ll need to consider is its size. Your sign gives passersby their first impression of your company, so it must be large enough to clearly display your message, but it also must fit within the space you have available.

So how exactly do you figure out the optimal size? Continue reading to learn all about the factors you’ll need to consider to determine just how big your business sign should be.

How Much Space Do You Have Available?

The amount of space you have available for sign mounting is one of the greatest determiners of how big your business sign can be.

But depending on where your business is located, there may also be zoning rules and building codes that stipulate where you can place your sign, as well as how large it can be. So even if you have tons of space for a massive sign, you may be somewhat restricted by local regulations.

Before you start planning out your sign design, check local laws to ascertain whether you’ll need to comply with sign size and placement stipulations. If you fail to do this and get a sign that’s too large or that can only fit within a specific space that you’re not actually allowed to mount it in, you’ll end up wasting your hard-earned money.

How Far Away Should Your Sign Be Visible?

Ideally, you’d want your sign visible from outer space, right? After all, a sign that visible would cut your advertising costs big time, right?

But unfortunately, your sign will likely only be seen from a maximum distance of a few hundred yards away, depending on the size of lettering you select, which plays a central role in determining the overall size of the sign. Color, spacing between letters, illumination, and mounting height also factor into your sign’s max viewing distance.

So how far away are people likely to see your sign? Here’s an approximation for various letter heights and the distance they can typically be seen from:

  • 3-inch letters can be seen from about 100 feet away.
  • 4-inch letters can be seen from about 150 feet away.
  • 6-inch letters can be seen from about 195 feet away.
  • 8-inch letters can be seen from about 350 feet away.
  • 9-inch letters can be seen from about 400 feet away.
  • 10-inch letters can be seen from about 450 feet away.
  • 12-inch letters can be seen from about 525 feet away.
  • 15-inch letters can be seen from about 630 feet away.
  • 18-inch letters can be seen from about 750 feet away.

If you’re using your sign outdoors to advertise your business, ideally, the letters should have a minimum height of three inches for good visibility.

If you’re advertising to passing vehicles, those letters should be much larger, as drivers only have a couple of seconds to see what your business sign says. The faster they’re driving, the less time they have to read your sign, so the larger your letters and your sign will need to be.

Where Is Your Business Located?

Is your building in an industrial area? Is it in a strip mall? Perhaps an indoor mall? Or maybe it’s a standalone store in an open area? When determining the appropriate size for your business sign, you must consider your location so that the sign will be visible, competitive with other nearby business signs, and coherent with the tone of the area.

For example, if you own a business in an industrial area, and all the other signs in the area have considerable height, you’ll likely want to opt for a pylon-style sign to help ensure your advertising is competitive. But if your business is in an office complex, and all the other signs are moderately sized monument-style signs, then you’ll likely want to stick within those parameters to stay competitive.

What Design Elements Do You Want to Include?

Do you want lit-up text? Do you want the design of your sign to mimic your company logo or the design of your business itself? These things will play into the size of the sign you need because they affect how visible your sign will ultimately be.

If you need help determining how big your business should be, it’s in your best interest to consult with an experienced sign fabricator. The pros can recommend the best size and design elements for your needs, goals, and budget so that your sign has the best chance of attracting more customers to your business.

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