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Does My Business Sign Need to be Replaced? | Legacy Signs of Texas

An outdoor business sign can cost thousands of dollars. It’s an investment that most people want to last. But while an outdoor business sign can last a decade, there comes a time when it really has to be replaced. Here are a few things you should consider.

Are people having issues seeing your business sign?

By far, the most important reason to replace an outdoor business sign is that people aren’t able to see it.

Maybe it’s the wrong color, perhaps the text is too small, or maybe it’s just positioned incorrectly. Regardless, if people can’t see your sign, then it isn’t effective. Ask yourself what you would need to change about your sign, and then consult with a professional about making a sign that would be right for you.

The marketing potential of an easily seen, well-lit, correctly sized sign shouldn’t be underestimated. If you want traffic to your business, you need the right sign.

Does your sign look dated compared to the other signs in the area?

Styles change. Your sign may not have changed with them.

Compare your sign to other signs in the area. If yours looks like it’s from a time capsule compared to the others, you may need to change it. While sticking out is good, you want to stick out for good reasons. There are many industries (such as tech) in which looking dated isn’t going to be a boon for getting customers.

Is your sign dirty or in need of painting or general repair?

It’s possible that your sign only needs to be professionally cleaned and painted. If it hasn’t been refreshed in a while, this could be the only issue. Ask yourself whether there are real structural flaws in the sign (such as lettering being warped) or if there are cosmetic issues (such as lettering being faded). You may be able to get away with cleaning and refreshing your sign rather than replacing it altogether if you still feel the sign itself is adequate.

Have you changed your branding since you created your sign?

Many companies rebrand to better connect with their audience. But when you rebrand your business, you need to rebrand everything. Having a sign that doesn’t work with your current branding is only going to lead to confusion.

You want your company’s sign to be immediately visible. That means having the right colors, logo, and text. You might not know whether a sign isn’t properly reflecting your brand until you’ve gotten feedback from your customers or until you’ve lived with it for a while. But if people don’t see your sign and immediately think of you, it may be time to redo it.

Is your sign damaged from weather or age?

This is a big one. Let’s say your sign has been damaged by hail or wind has loosened it. If your sign is structurally damaged, you, at a minimum, need to get a repair crew in to assess the damage. A sign can be hazardous. Even a sign that is “light” for its size is still going to be incredibly heavy. And importantly, once it’s been damaged, it’s much easier for the damage to become worse. It’s possible that another harsh-weather episode could tear the sign right off.

Are there electrical issues with your sign?

Everyone’s seen it: electrical signs that have only a few letters on. That happens because once the letters burn out, they can be difficult to change. You may need to get a new sign entirely, as it may be more affordable and convenient. If only part of your sign is lighting up, not only will it make it more difficult for people to find you, but it will also look as though your business isn’t on top of things. Further, once lights start burning out in the sign, it’s only a matter of time before other lights burn out too.

Do you need better lighting on your sign?

It’s also possible that your sign isn’t electrical but needs to be. If you’ve shifted your hours or you’ve just found that your lighting isn’t adequate, your sign might not be visible during your open hours. Getting better lighting on your sign is the best way to call attention to it, and often that lighting is best built into the sign itself. Check your sign out at night and see whether it’s visible from the road. If it isn’t, you’re missing customers.

If you’re wondering whether your outdoor business sign has to be replaced, it likely should. You probably have noticed issues with the sign. Maybe it’s old and dirty, perhaps it’s dated, or maybe it’s even falling apart. Either way, contact Legacy Signs, and we can help.

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