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Do I Need a Permit for an Outdoor Sign?

Outdoor signage is essential for any business with a physical location. Digital resources are amazing for building up your reputation and acquiring customers or clients, but at the end of the day, you need people to walk through your door. For that, there is nothing quite like an outdoor sign.

The challenge is that outdoor signs are a large commitment. They are visible from far away, and for better or worse, your business will be judged by your outdoor signage. Adding to that challenge is the complication of permits and regulations. As a business operator, you already know that there are countless rules and regulations that make otherwise simple things overwhelmingly complicated, and signs are not excluded from this.

Before you purchase and install outdoor signage, it’s probably best for you to learn about regulations. Legacy Signs of Texas is located in the Dallas–Fort Worth area. We have more specialized knowledge of the local rules, but we’re going to cover what you will see across most of Texas. If you are ordering signs for a location outside of Texas, you’ll want to double check the state and local restrictions in your area.

Do I Need a Permit?

The answer to this question can be surprisingly complicated, and it definitely involves more than a singular yes or no. Regulations can exist at state and local levels, so you’ll always want to double check the county and municipality for specific rules. That said, there are no federal regulations on this one, so once you know the state rules, you’re off to a good start.

The State of Texas

The state of Texas does have a regulation set for outdoor advertising signs. It is run through the Highway Beautification Act and State Rural Roads Act. The Texas Transportation Commission{: target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”} manages the permits, and you can double check these rules via that website.

In Texas, you must have an Outdoor Advertising License depending on the location of the sign. In particular, the requirement applies to signage on state highways and rural roads. The license comes with a $125 application fee (or a $75 fee for renewal). In addition to the license, you also have to get a permit for each sign. The permit runs an additional charge of $100 for application and $75 for renewal.

Whether or not your sign is considered to be along a highway or rural road is not easy to determine. It’s best to have a conversation with a representative from the Texas Transportation Commission. You can also consult an attorney to be sure about exactly when this regulation applies.

Common Local Regulations

At the county or municipal level, these rules can vary a lot and will often come down to specific ordinances. In Dallas, for instance, a sign permit is necessary for outdoor signs in the downtown area. They can be obtained through the City of Dallas Sustainable Development and Construction Department{: target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”}. Follow the steps at that website to apply for a permit for your outdoor sign.

While not all cities and counties follow the Dallas rules, the concept is simple enough. If your sign is outside and publicly visible, it is likely to fall under a regulatory ordinance. In most cases, you have to apply for a permit or your sign will be subject to fees.

For any county and municipality in the state, you can check the local regulations. It’s not worth being hit with fines or other problems simply for having a sign on your business premises.

There is an additional concept to remember. You need your permit before the sign can be installed. It’s vital that you look into signage rules as soon as possible. Many signs require complicated and permanent installation procedures. You don’t want to commit to such a sign unless you are certain it won’t cause you trouble.

Regardless of regulations, Legacy Signs of Texas is here to help you with your signs. We are located in the DFW area, and we’re happy to lend our expertise and advice to anyone in the region. When permits are sorted, we can help you design, fabricate, and install your sign. We can help you work on original designs that are sure to grab attention and help with foot traffic through your doors. We’ll make the sign beautiful and tough enough to survive for a long time. When we install your sign, we’ll do so with functionality and longevity in mind. You can have amazing signage when you let Legacy Signs of Texas help.

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