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Technology drives our modern world, and improved and futuristic tech is bringing big changes to the world of business signs. Digital Signage is better than ever, and provide a level of customizable marketing that has not been available until now. Here’s the difference:

The Good

Basic Digital Signage is pretty standard. You can find them most anywhere. They come in a variety of display styles (LED, plasma, etc.), and they allow business owners to program a preset playlist of messages that will rotate over the sign throughout the running time. The provided software includes ready-made content and usable interface tools to create customized messages and content. These types of signs are budget-friendly for many business owners, and provide a level of customization that is simply unbeatable with any other type of sign.

Getting warmer….

There are more advanced Digital Signage options that come with software which can allow business owners to schedule messages for a specific block of time during the playlist. In other words, restaurants and convenience stores can schedule messages detailing breakfast items like coffee and pastries for the morning hours only. Then, at a certain set time, the playlist will automatically switch to lunch and dinner specials. There are also options for software that can provide custom schedules, based on variable situations, like weather. Auto dealerships can schedule promos for convertibles during warm, sunny days, and SUVs when the forecast is for inclement weather like snow. These advanced signs frequently come equipped with cloud-based (we’re talking internet now, not weather) function, so that owners and managers can schedule ads and even run diagnostics from anywhere, even if they are not personally on-site at the store.

The best of the best!

The most cutting-edge Digital Signage feature new tech that can handle dynamic, shifting content, including multiple different panels of content at the same time. For example, digital billboards lend themselves quite well to segmenting into smaller chunks; while one panel remains static, another panel can show dynamic, engaging content that keeps the customer guessing what’s next. These hit signs provide options for features like countdowns, time and temperature, RSS feeds and image galleries, and more. Templates are available, making it easier than ever for owners and managers to program their top-notch digital sign.

Another advancement is the idea of proximity marketing. What this does is ping messages to customer’s smartphone when they are in the vicinity of the sign. These messages could include special electronic coupons, invites to join brand loyalty clubs, or messages about the sales and specials going on at your store right now.

For the best in digital sign marketing in the Dallas area, there is no better option than Legacy Signs of Texas. We have the latest technology and professional experts trained to create the best signs for Dallas businesses. Our digital signs are top-notch and built to last! For more information on what Legacy Signs of Texas can do for your business, give us a call today! Feel free to peruse our image galleries and service pages!

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