Can a New Sign Increase My Business?

Does your business have a good, strong outdoor sign? If so, then you’ve probably heard people mention it before. If not, it might be time to consider one.

It’s easy to overlook, but a good sign can actually drive sales and increase business. It’s all about using the sign correctly. So the short answer is yes, a new sign can increase your business. But the real question is how it increases your business.

How Does a New Sign Increase Business?

There are actually a number of things that a sign can do to help your business, and you’ll find the most prominent of them listed below.

Increases Foot Traffic

This is probably the easiest way to understand how a single sign can increase your business. If you have a storefront, then getting people into the store is always important for the business model.

A good sign makes it easy for people to see and find your store. As such, a good sign can increase foot traffic. If you have more foot traffic, it’s easy to see how sales can come next.

But can a sign really increase foot traffic?

The simple answer is yes.

Hungry Jacks actuallyconducted a survey to see how people found the business. Roughly 35% of them said that they saw the sign in passing and then checked out the location as a result.

That can be your business too.

Increases Brand Awareness

People can see the sign from the road and come to check out your business. That’s great, but your sign can actually fold into a broader aspect of brand awareness.

You can make changes to your brand to try to make it more appealing or to really target a specific audience. These practices are common in marketing and sales, and your sign can be part of the brand awareness.

Consider McDonalds. If you’re old enough, you might remember when the restaurants were bright, colorful, and primarily appealed to children. Well, those children eventually grew up, and McDoncalds tried to appeal to the same demographic by expanding coffee options and remodeling most of the stores.

The signs were part of that. You knew that McDonalds had more coffee options at least in part because they added “McCafe” to all of the signs. Your sign can help with brand awareness too, and this can also help drive traffic to the business location.

Acts as The Final Step of Marketing

In fact, you can take that idea of brand marketing and generalize it. The example before was how McDonalds tried to reimagine its own brand to appeal to an older audience, but you don’t have to reimagine your brand just to carry out a marketing campaign.

In general, to promote your business, you’re going to use marketing techniques. You might stick to social media and internet resources. You could take out a TV ad spot. You can do a lot of different things.

The point is that a highly recognizable sign is the final step in this marketing process. Your outreach gets people to think about your business, and then they see the sign from the road. It reinforces the marketing campaign, and now they for sure know exactly where your business is located.

The strong, legible sign is working in tandem to drive traffic to your location. It’s not just catching random passersby from the road. It’s funneling people who have already been exposed to your marketing campaign.

Conveys Promotions

Lastly, a good sign can convey information, and used correctly, that communication can help drive sales.

In the simplest form, you can put a promotion on your sign. Assuming you pick a sign that enables this, the promotion will help drive traffic into the store, and the rest follows naturally.

Think about it for a moment. Have you ever seen an advertisement for a cheap oil change on a road sign? Did you consider following up on that oil change? That’s a specific example, but it shows how your sign can convey value and how it can do so in an adaptable way. It’s not hard to imagine people coming to your place of business as a result.

Get a Great Sign From Legacy Signs of Texas

There’s one resounding theme in everything you just read. You need a good sign for all of this to work. If your sign doesn’t have your logo, company name, or useful information, it won’t drive sales. So you want a sign that is designed properly and functions well.

For all of that, you need Legacy Signs of Texas.Contact us today. We’ll discuss your needs and ensure that you have the perfect sign for your Dallas/Fort Worth area business. And after we’ve designed it and fabricated it for you, we’ll install it too.

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