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Building Signage Types

How often do you think about building signs? For most people, the answer is never. But if you have a building or a business, you will have to consider signage for it. People need to know where to find your building, and when they do, they want to be sure they are in the right place. For that, there are many different types of signs. They can identify businesses, display addresses, provide valuable information, and do so much more. Most of all, building signs provide you with the means to communicate freely to anyone close enough to see it.

So if you’re looking at building signs, it helps to know your options. There are a number of ways to go about this, and these are some of the most common types of building signage. One of them is likely to be right for you.

Pylon Signs

Pylon signs are one of the most common types of outdoor signage you will see. They involve two large, strong poles, and the signs are placed between the poles. These are the typical signs that you see in shopping centers all over the country. They are great because they can hold multiple large signs, so if you want to put a lot of important information into one place — and have it readable from great distances — pylon signs are the way to go.

Monument Signs

Monument signs are another very large sign type, but they tend to be much shorter than pylon signs. A monument sign is usually built on a sturdy base such as concrete. They are commonly used in parking lots and possibly on a corner to denote a subdivision or golf course. They are easy to read from a distance, and because they are not hanging, they are available in high-quality materials that are great for aesthetics and last a long time.

Pole Signs

Pole signs are extremely similar to pylon signs in function. The main difference is that pole signs hang from a single pole. Because of that, you typically see just one sign at a time hanging from the poles, as opposed to the list of signs you might see on pylons.

Pole signs are great for identifying a single business from the road, and that is their most common application. If you think of any business that has its own parking lot, a pole sign is most likely where you can find the business’s name.

Channel Letters

Channel letters are designed to go directly on the side of the building. There are no poles or overt anchors. Instead, you can simply read the information on the outer walls of the building itself.

Channel letters are most commonly found on large building complexes. Apartments, sky rises, and campuses typically employ channel letters in order to identify individual building names or addresses. The letters can denote a business, formal name of the building, location, or anything else that is worth displaying. Because of how they are installed, channel letters are typically designed to be permanent, although they can be changed when needed.

Blade Signs

Blade signs work in almost an opposite function from every other sign on the list. They are called blade signs because they are oriented perpendicular to a building, like a blade sticking out from the wall. They can be mounted in a number of ways, but their primary purpose is to provide information to people walking alongside a building — as opposed to towards it.

Blade signs are most commonly used to identify individual businesses to pedestrians on a sidewalk. You’ll see them in dense shopping centers and downtown areas. They are common in malls and any other place where businesses are packed tightly.

Electronic Message Signs

Electronic signs have largely replaced old-fashioned marquees. The entire purpose of an electronic sign is to enable the owner freedom in their messaging. You can update the sign to comment on current events, provide updates on a new sale, or display any other information that seems relevant. Some businesses display the current weather and air temperature. It’s all up to you. The point of electronics is adaptability.

There is a sign for every purpose. Signage that goes for and around buildings usually aims to let people know where a business is located, and all of these signs can serve that function. If you’re looking into signage for your building, you’ll want to have every option available. Contact Legacy Signs of Texas. We design, fabricate, and install signs of every type throughout Dallas/Fort Worth. We can surely make the signs that you need.

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