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Best Materials for Outdoor Signs

Every business and organization needs quality signage. It lets people know where you are, what you’re about, and what you are doing right now. Outdoor signage can increase traffic, improve customer satisfaction, and help people avoid confusion. It’s an absolute must.

Picking and designing the right sign can be a challenge. Texas weather is not the kindest, and when you don’t know which material to use, it can be nearly impossible to come up with a good sign.

Legacy Signs of Texas is here to help. We’re going to take you through a crash course on outdoor signage materials. Keep reading to learn about the types of materials we usually recommend for outdoor signs.


Acrylic is one of the most common sign materials you can find. It is commonly called plexiglass, and it is a weather-resistant, tough outdoor material that is great for a number of signs. One of acrylic’s strengths is that it can be see-through. That makes it ideal for signs with a light source.

Acrylic is also UV resistant and glare resistant, so it does well in locations that see direct sunlight all day.


Aluminum is probably the most common material for outdoor signs. It provides the strength and durability of metal, but because it is aluminum, it is waterproof and resistant to corrosion. Aluminum is lightweight, and it can be crafted into custom designs. It also combines well with other materials and is completely recyclable.

Aluminum is pretty much the standard to beat for outdoor sign materials.


Alumalite is a combination of aluminum and corrugated plastic. The plastic sits in the core of the material. This combination makes signs that have the appearance and outward ruggedness of aluminum, but they are lighter overall. When weight is an issue, alumalite is a great solution. It is worth noting that alumalite signs are thicker than aluminum signs on average.


Dibond is another aluminum combination material. This material also uses a plastic core, but the plastic is not corrugated. As a result, dibond is as durable and reliable as alumalite, but dibond is lighter and thinner. In fact, dibond signs can be flatter than signs made from any other outdoor material.


Wood signs are still a thing, but dura-wood is often a better choice. A synthetic material, dura-wood is very resistant to weather and outdoor damage, but it still provides the aesthetic of wood. If you want to save on costs while still getting that classic wood look, this is the way to go.


It might be weird to think of a polyester sign, but it’s a common material for outdoor signage. Specifically, polyester is a favorite for feather flags and banners. It does great in weather and is quite affordable. But as you might have imagined, it is not a great choice for solid signs. It is a niche material, but within that niche, it’s hard to beat.


PVC is one of the toughest, most corrosion-resistant materials you can find. It stands up to weather like a champion, and that is why it is such a great option for outdoor signage. The greatest strength of PVC is its adaptability. You can get custom thickness, durability, and weight out of PVC signs. On average though, PVC signs are heavier than most other materials, and that is worth keeping in mind.


The last material on the list is vinyl. It is one of the most affordable sign materials. You might not know, but many window components are made from vinyl, so you can see why it has favorable outdoor properties. Despite that, vinyl is not as tough as PVC or aluminum. Instead, it’s a cost-saving material that is ideal for temporary use. Election campaign signage and temporary stores (like Halloween costume shops or fireworks stands) are good examples of where vinyl signs are at their best.

There is a sign for every occasion and a perfect material for each sign. This list covers the most common options, but for specific applications, even more materials are available. What matters is that you have access to an expert who understands why each material is beneficial and can relay that information to you.

When you want custom signage that is effective and reliable, you need to contact Legacy Signs of Texas. We make custom signs right here, so you will know what you’re getting and can trust that the right materials are producing a sign that grabs attention and can survive outside for a long time.

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