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Attract More Church Members With New Signage

In many ways, a church is like a business, and with any business, there are techniques and strategies that leaders put into place to attract more customers. For a church, members are the customers, so many modern-day business marketing tools are utilized to grow a church’s membership.

Signage Helps Outreach

In the marketing realm, there are many different types of signs:

  • Exterior property signage like standalone monument signs
  • Exterior building-mounted signage
  • Digital multimedia displays
  • Informational or directional signs
  • Safety and compliant signage
  • Vehicle graphics
  • Window signs
  • A-frame sidewalk boards

The different signs available to a religious leader or community director to market, advertise, and inform new church members are quite diverse. There are a lot of options, and signs can be mixed and matched for maximum information and effect.

Direct Benefits of New Signage

There are many benefits to adding or updating signage for a church:

  • Exterior signage is critical to help people identify your location. It helps people from getting lost with directions and attracts people driving or walking by who might be interested in your church services or membership opportunities.
  • Exterior signage represents the church’s brand with its logo and/or community motto, saying, or pledge. This is the external image of the church that people connect to visually, and it serves to represent the larger church entity. It’s also a first impression for new members and people visiting. A solid external sign or set of external signs draws attention to your church and is visible 365 and 24/7.
  • Signage in general allows a church to show its creativity and professionalism. Both of these aspects can help a church stand out and come across as unique and special.
  • Informational or directional signage in a parking lot, as part of a larger complex entrance, or around a building is important for ease of understanding and reduces stress. People need to know where to park, where to walk, where to access different parts of the church, and what group events or sessions are happening where. You do not want members feeling frustrated or like they are walking around in circles because they do not know where to go.
  • Interior signs are also useful for information and serve a directional function as well. They help members locate offices, bathrooms, coffee or kitchen areas, meeting rooms, and important information like hours of operation, service days, and more. Interior signage can also be used to advertise merchandise, gift shops, or donation areas.
  • Regulated and maintained safety and compliance signage is critical for the safety of your church members and meets government requirements for buildings in operation. Some examples of critical safety and compliance signs are a wheelchair ramp identifier, a handicap accessible bathroom indicator, informational signage that includes braille lettering, visual signage for fire alarms, and EXIT signs placed around the building. Churches are open to the public, and signage that is in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) ensures their facilities are safe and accessible to people of all needs.
  • Signs like window decals or vehicle graphics are fantastic for advertising a church community far and wide. Humans love swag, so having your members advertise being a part of the church community is very well received and helps spread the word. It’s mobile advertising in its truest form. Window decals and vehicle graphics are conversation starters as well and help your members feel like they are part of something bigger.
  • Signs can be designed in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. This makes the design and installation of the signage for your church extremely flexible but also extremely personable. Signage can also be upgraded, replaced, or added to overtime.

Whether you are adding a new piece of signage, upgrading your current signage, or looking for a new and creative way to add personality and professionalism to the church’s experience, signage is critical to your current and new community members.

Design a Legacy That Will Last!

If you are a church owner, facility manager, marketing coordinator, or church membership director in the Dallas–Fort Worth Metroplex and want a beautiful set of signage for your place of worship, give the team at Legacy Signs of Texas a call. We specialize in sign fabrication and installation of multiple types, sizes, and styles and have been an industry leader since 1989.

We also specialize in sign maintenance and repair services, so you can trust that our team will be here to ensure your signage stays in good working condition and maximizes your visibility for new and current members alike.

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