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All About Pole Signs

Pole signs offer businesses and service providers a way to bring notice to their services and locations with a promotional display mounted on a pole. Most often they are seen in outdoor applications, and they are relatively inexpensive to purchase, highly resilient and fairly easy to install.

What makes them so prized is the fact that pole signs can be seen from great distances at maximum heights. Here, we will discuss more about pole signs, their benefits, and custom options available to help you decide if a pole sign installation is ideal for your needs.

How Pole Signs Benefit Businesses and Organizations

Pole sign installations come in a variety of sizes and forms and are often referred to by different names, such as:

  • Pylon Signs
  • LED Electronic Message Pole Signs
  • Road Side Signs
  • Highway Signs
  • Freeway Signs
  • Small Billboards

These signs are typically situated facing major roads or highways for maximum visibility. Common pole sign locations include restaurants, major attractions, gas stations, churches, health care centers, schools and other major retail businesses and organizations. Pole signs often boast a lighting mechanism that ensures the message on the signage is visible both day and night.

Pole signs are an excellent way to quickly and effectively relay to drivers nearby about your business, what you offer and how proximal you are to their current location. Whether you want to draw people off an exit and use your location near a roadway to attract patrons, pole signs are a superb way to do so.

The Benefits of Investing In Pole Signs

As the taller ‘cousin’ of monument signs, pylon signs still include similar elements, while putting your message higher in the sky. Several businesses and brands use pole signs, and for good reasons. Here are some common features and benefits of pole signs.

  • The tall height allows the sign to be viewed from a distance.
  • They can be crafted in different heights, shapes, sizes and colors.
  • They may be made of a variety of materials.
  • Signs can feature light box displays and LEDs.
  • The signage can feature a single company or multiple tenants.

Pole Sign Design & Materials

The design of pole sign is relatively simple, with several styles that can be custom fabricated. The most typical pylon signs consist of two pieces that snap together after production. Often, these signs boast the same message on each side, but some customers want to make each side unique.

Outdoor signs need to be made of outdoor-resistant materials that are durable to the elements. Outdoor pole signs need to be rigid, so they can hold up to gale-force winds, sunlight, sleet, rain, hail and snow. Materials commonly employed in pole sign construction include polycarbonate, acrylic sheeting and aluminum composites.

When To Choose a Pylon Sign

If you think you can maximize visitors to your establishment by having a pole sign installed, there are a few things to consider first. Determine whether the installation will really benefit business in the foreseeable future.

Should the property be near a major road or be situated near competitors with common business, a pole sign can really get passersby’s attention. They can also make it easier for people to find you with a secondary pole sign directly fronting the structure.

Business Signage is Versatile

In addition to a pole sign, certain businesses and strip center locations can further incorporate the use of other types of signage. Monument signs are excellent for businesses in communities that may have height restrictions and those who want a discrete look or eye-level signage.

Another popular way to advertise successfully is with a land-based, pole-based or surface LED light sign. These can be changed to reflect current information about special events, opening hours or anything you want to promote! Custom signs can be created that are a hybrid of two types of signs to increase brand awareness and guests.

Those who want attractive lettering on their building can employ the use of cabinet signs or channel letters with or without lighting. Some of our customers opt to have several styles of signs installed, depending on the size, location and overall visibility to their patrons.

Looking for a Custom Sign for Your Business?

If you want to work with a professional sign designer and installer, Legacy Signs of Texas has you covered. We handle all the fabrication in-house and have teams of experienced installers to put the finished product in place.

Our design pros will transform your vision into a functional sign that reflects your establishment in a positive pole sign or any of our other options. From conception to creation all the way through installation, our goal is to exceed your expectations! Contact Legacy Signs of Texas online or call us at 888-445-1689 to schedule a consultation.

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