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8 Great Digital Signage Ideas

Signs are one of the oldest and most reliable ways to pass information to large numbers of people. Something as simple as a business logo can let people know who you are and what you’re about. When you want to provide more detailed or specific information, there are signs for that too.

Today, digital signs are common and valuable resources for all manner of businesses and organizations. Digital signs allow you to create customized messages, and that is a powerful tool. The signs come in different sizes, shapes, and display functions, and when you know the range of what is available, you find that digital signs can do just about anything.

But all of these options can be just as overwhelming as they are liberating. You can do anything with this valuable advertisement space, but what should you do?

That brings us to these eight ideas. These are ideas for how digital signs can be used to powerful effect.

1. Display Your Social Media Handles

Digital signage is a format that allows more information to be presented clearly to a large number of people. Despite that, there are limits to what it can display. Using digital signage to send people to a more abundant information resource can be invaluable, so including social media handles is a great way to combine forms of outreach.

This technique works best when the social media handles are paired with an intriguing message, which can be as simple as displaying the current weather or as original as telling a joke.

2. Fast Updates

Digital signage is a great way to communicate a rapid or sudden change. For an event, room changes are a classic example. Any moving parts within the building or event can be tracked and updated through digital signage. This keeps people informed so they can be where they want to be and do what they should be doing at all points in time.

A perfect example is an airport. Flight and gate information changes nearly constantly. Indoor digital signage is used by airports around the world to direct passengers and airline staff to their appropriate locations.

3. Video Content

Traditionally, signs are a little boring. They can’t change. With digital signage, that is not the case. When you want your signage to create engagement, video is the key. Video content is more captivating than static words or images. A good video can then point to social media or provide critical updates.

4. Menus

Menu displays need to be updated regularly. Digital signage makes this possible with less expense than static menu displays. The digital menus can carry more information, and they can highlight special sales or foods that you might want to push for the day.

5. Sales

Sales change all of the time. Digital signage allows you to update your sales without the need for extensive labor or new signage. It’s a cost-effective approach that allows customers to frequently see something new. It also displays what they might deem to be the most valuable information in a prominent way.

6. Emergency Notifications

Rapid updates are the strength of digital signage. There is no occasion where this is more important or valuable than in an emergency. Signs that are deployed for this function can broadcast critical information quickly and prolifically. In this case, the signs can literally save lives.

In an emergency that isn’t directly life-threatening, the signs can still spare people serious problems and help direct everyone in the most effective manner.

7. Tips

Every business and organization serves a role, and as such, can provide tips related to that role. An IT company can display tech tips. A store can provide shopping tips. A church can have a Bible verse of the day. Tips are an endless resource for fresh content that people value.

8. News

One of the leading ways to use digital signage is to cover important news. A simple marquee can provide well-wishes or commentary on recent events. More advanced signage can display headlines and critical information. The news changes all the time, and people never run out of interest in staying informed. Digital signage that caters to this can connect with people and provide them with something that they value.

Digital signage can display anything. Its raw ability is only limited by how you choose to use it. These ideas are real ways that people and businesses use digital signage on a daily basis. You can absolutely add to this list with your own ideas and creativity. But for any of that to happen, you need access to digital signs.

Legacy Signs of Texas is a local resource that fabricates signs. We can produce digital signage for you that caters to your custom ideas. Contact us today to see what our signs can do for you.

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