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4 Eye-Catching Storefront Sign Ideas

Businesses of nearly every size and type can benefit from a sign. Storefront signs are particularly important. The manner in which your store’s name, logo, slogan, and unique colors are displayed to the public has the potential to make the difference between an influx of customers and just a few customers. The bottom line is an artful sign that presents your business in the best possible light to prospective customers can make or break your company. Let’s take a look at some ideas for storefront signs.

Eye-catching Signs Often Feature Contrasting Colors

Monochromatic signs and signs that are otherwise visually plain do not succeed in engaging those who pass by, whether on foot, by car, or via public transportation. In general, you have about three seconds or less to pique the interest of those who pass by your sign. If your storefront signage does not capture onlookers’ attention in this amount of time, they will move on to the next distraction and likely forget about your business.

Though your storefront sign does not have to feature two completely different colors to create contrast, subtle contrast should be used at a bare minimum. The color of the words on the sign should at least slightly contrast with the background color to maximize the visual impression. If your sign will be positioned in an area that receives an abundance of sunlight, contrasting colors are even more important, as sunlight can make similar hues that much more challenging to read. Examples of creative color combinations that contrast with one another for optimal legibility include black on yellow, green on white, and white on blue.

Opt for a Purposeful Sign

The best signs present a message pertaining to the business in a truly artful manner. As an example, a sign that offers help to the customer in some manner will generate ample attention and also ramp up respect for your business. Resist the temptation to add a sign that uses all capital letters or even a majority of such “shouting” letters. Opt for regular capitalization, and your sign will have that much more of a conversational tone that entices customers to step inside and make a purchase. Ideally, this message will be brief yet communicate the benefits of shopping at the store. The moral of the story is your sign’s messaging should be short and sweet, ultimately complementing the overarching store name, logo, and branding.

Be Selective in Terms of the Sign Type

All sorts of signs are available, yet each has its own unique strengths and weaknesses. Take your time when choosing the sign(s) for your business. Options include illuminated signs, window signs, blade signs, and even channel letters. A knowledgeable sign company can help you make the best decisions for your signage.

Add Some Light

If your primary focus is on capturing the attention of those who pass by, consider an illuminated sign. LED signs with bright colors pique the interest of pedestrians and drivers in the vicinity of your business. However, the illuminated letters should spell out something logical and important, such as your business’s name or a relevant word or phrase, to make the maximum potential impact.

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