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Professional installation and completion are just as important as the design and fabrication of the signs. From the initial survey of your site to the completion of the installation of the process, we go through a careful process to ensure your signs are in full compliance with all landlord and city requirements. With a fleet of work vehicles available to handle any job, small or large, we are experienced and equipped to complete your project on time. Feel free to drop by to see us in action and meet our crew in person. Or check out some of our recent happy customers on our Cities page!

The Difference

Legacy Signs of Texas strives to stand out from the competition through their quality of work, speed and efficiency, and integrity on the job. From the initial stages of the fabrication process, through the installation phase, and onward into any potential service or repair needs in the future, our experienced crews and industry-standard practices are guaranteed to provide quality results for all of your business sign needs.

The stand-out difference that Legacy Signs of Texas provides is based on many factors. Some of these include:


Legacy Signs of Texas uses the latest techniques and industry-proven processes to produce high-quality sign fabrications. Our installation processes are the safest to be found, and our crews are highly-skilled, to provide the best service and work your hard-earned money can buy.


Legacy Signs of Texas takes pride in providing quality work in a timely fashion. While other crews may dilly-dally and scrape together shoddy results at the last minute, Legacy Signs of Texas crews are working hard from the word “Go.” They know you need a quality business sign up and running before you can have your big grand opening, and nothing is worse than waiting for one thing to get done before your big day can officially begin. Efficiency is one of the characteristics you can trust in when you choose Legacy Signs of Texas for your new business sign.


Integrity can be defined as having strong moral standing and honesty. Legacy Signs of Texas makes a promise to their clients that their professional workmen will leave your new business sign installation site looking great for your big grand opening. Nothing could be worse than having a brand new business sign installed for opening day, and the area surrounding the installation site looking like a tornado and earthquake hit it at the same time. Legacy Signs of Texas has professional workmen who know the value of image and promise to leave your business looking great!

Site Preparation

Depending on the type of business sign (Channel LetterMonument, etc.), the site where the sign is to be installed may require preparation. A small foundation may need to be poured or placed to fully secure the sign. Wiring may need to be laid and grounded for lighting. Overall, the preparation should be a very straightforward process, and few excess materials should need to be purchased to complete the preparation.


Your new business sign will be mounted in its location, leveled, and secured with durable hardware. The wiring will be connected, tested, and insulated. Double-checking all hardware and installation checkpoints is a standard procedure when Legacy Signs of Texas crews are finishing up.

Evaluation and Inspection

Your location may require an outside inspector, but generally, before Legacy Signs of Texas leaves your site, they give every detail of the installation a second check to ensure everything is safe, correct, and up to industry standards and specifications. Everything will be satisfactory before we leave. We are not happy if you are not happy!

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